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Who We Are

Islamic Hotspot Africa is an African leading Islamic media firm, redefining the way into new exciting era of authentic credible Islamic broadcast, with an unrivalled selection of the best Islamic contents(music,eBooks, movies, events, interviews, programs) to enhance, promote and show the beauty of Islam to the world.


Our Faith

Ashiadua’ La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah.There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.



To bring the pure, unadulterated word of Allah into every home in Africa and beyond, as well as redefine, promote and create an online hub where Muslims have access to all Islamic contents across the globe.


  • Islamic Hotspot Africa is an independent trans-cultural and inter denominational Islamic firm
  • Our define assignment is to proclaim the message of Allah through the production and broadcasting of TV programs, social media, blogs contents, optimized apps and community initiatives.
  • Our focus is to search Africa and the world for up to date and uplifting programs, events and entertainment.
  • Make Sure our database are updated with all Islamic contents ranging from quran, hadith, books by scholars, and important books in Islam
  • Through this content we aspire to redefine Islamic online presence and television & lead the way into a new and exciting era of credible Islamic broadcasting


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