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Sales & Marketing Team

Hajia Aminat Junaid Al’mahbuubah

Hajia Aminat Junaid Al’mahbuubah hold a position in Marketing & Product Management with a focus on Project Coordination and Team Leadership.

She has years of business development sales experience working with different companies and artistes, happy customers inspire Mahbuubah as she believes customer satisfaction is key.

Email: mahbuubah@islamichotspot.com

Elebute Fatimah

Owosho Fatimah Abiola was born and breed in Lagos. She love travelling and meeting successful people. Her hobbies are to play table tennis nd reading
inspirational books.
She’s an entrepreneur, an optimist, a volunteer and an activist. She love Islam and her philosophy of life says:
Your past doesn’t define your future, ur believe and action do.

Email: elebute.fatimah@islamichotspot.com

Alhaji Muhammed Abdul Merleeq

Merleeq is an art enthusiast, content developer and a lover of creative activities.. He has vast interests in several aspects of life and entertainment that ranges from music, performing, writing, presenting and a host of others… An adventurous being, he’s set to expand his horizon on various aspects of life while being an Islamic devotee.

Email: merleeq@islamichotspot.com

Rofiat Rufai

Rafiat is a presenter and product manager at Islamic Hotspot Africa.

She is a lover of the arts;and a writer. Rofiat’s expertise lies in the flawless planning and execution of projects and events.

Email: rafiat@islamichotspot.com

Content Developer, Blogging & Creative Dept.

Abdul Wahab Gbadamosi

Abdul Wahab is the chief editor and content manager at Islamic Hotspot Africa.

He is a consummate professional, passionate about the needs and goals of clients, and specializes in bringing peace of mind to colleagues and clients alike with his calm approach to problem solving. In his spare time, Wahab catches up on bestselling books, sounds of great music, seeking adventure and knowledge.

Email: wahab@islamichotspot.com

Olatunde Toyeeb (Versatile)

Lawal Olatunde Toyib is a music blogger and content developer at Islamic Hotspot Africa. He is a passionate and enthusiasm person towards success. He loves blogging, reading, music and football.

Email: lawal.olatunde@islamichotspot.com

Abdullahi Soliu

Abdullahi Soliu is a creative director at Islamic Hotspot Africa.

4+ years experienced senior creative leader with extensive expertise on both client and platform side – delivering award-winning ideas for global brands and the people who matter to them. Industry recognized solutions and seasoned manager for TV, sports, entertainment, global brand strategy and sponsorship activation across all digital platforms.

Email: abdullahi@islamichotspot.com

Zeenat Adetoun Balogun

Zeenat Adetoun Balogun is an energetic, ambitious lady who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertake, or situation that she is presented with.

Considering her experience in management, She is excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. Her hobby is Reading, Singing and talking

Email: balogun.zeenat@islamichotspot.com


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