Allah’s messenger(peace and blessings be upon Him) continued; ” When the disbeliever servant is about to leave this world and enter the next, angels powerful and severe, descend to him from the Heaven – their faces black and carrying with them coarse cloth from Hell. They sit before him at a distance as an eye can see. Then the Angel of death arrives, and sitting at the head of the disbeliever and says; ” O you foul soul. Come out to the anger and wrath of your Lord. ” The soul inside the disbeliever body is overcome by terrible fear(and does not want to deliver itself up), whereupon the Angel of death violently pulls it out like multi-pronged skewers being yanked out of the wool – tearing with them the arteries and nerves. Upon this, the soul is cursed by every angel between the heaven and earth and by those inside the heaven. Then the doors of the heaven are closed to him, and every single guard at these doors beg Allah that this soul not be carried up in front of him and wrap it with coarse cloth. There emits from it the foulest odor that could be found on the face of the earth. They ascend with it, never passing a host of angels without being  asked; “Who is this ugly soul?” They reply; ” So and so, the son of so and so.” Using the worst name he was known in this world. When they arrive at the Lowest heaven, they request that it be open for this soul, but the request is denied. 
At this time, Allah’s messenger(peace and blessings be upon Him) recited; “And whoever ascribed partners with Allah, it is as though as he has fallen from the sky; Such that birds snatch him up or the winds throw him to a remote place.” (Hajj 22; 31).
Then He(peace and blessings be upon Him) commented; “Verily(when the soul is returned to its body), the deceased hears the sound of his companions footsteps as they turn away from his grave.

Then two angels, severe in interrogation, come to him, and sitting him up, they begin to question him; ” Who is your Lord?” He replies; “Oh! Oh! l don’t know”.
They continue by asking him; ” What is your religion? ” He answers; “Oh! Oh! l don’t know”.
So they ask; ” Then what do you say about this man who was sent to you, Muhammad? ”

Again he says; “Oh! Oh! l don’t know l only heard people talking about him”.
Then it is said; ” You did not know and you did not read!” Thereupon a voice from the heavens is heard; “He has lied! So spread out for him a place from the fire and open for him a window to the fire.”
The fearing hot winds of Hell engulf him while his grave closes in upon him, crushing him until his ribcage is broken by force – causing the rib of one side to intertwine with the ribs of the other. Then there appears to him a man with an ugly clothing and exuding a foul odor who says; ” Tidings of evil for you, for this is the day for which you were promised!” The deceased says to him; ” And you too, for your is a face that that pretends evil.”
The person rejoins; “I represent your wicked deeds. By Allah l have always known you to be slow in obedience of Allah and quick in disobedience to Him. May Allah reward you with evil.” Then one who is deaf, dumb and blind and is carrying an iron rod is sent to the deceased. If he were to strike a mountain with it, the mountain would disintegrate into rubble. He strikes the deceased to his original form, whereupon he is struck a second time. This causes him to shriek with such violence that it is heard by all the creation except from mankind and jinn. Then a door to the fire is opened and beddings of fire are spread out for him, whereupon he cries; ” Lord do not establish the Hour.” (Related by Sahih Bukhari).
May Allah give us death whilst in the state of Islam. Ameen.


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