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Episode Five

Now could that be called love. It’s been eight month already since Imrān had made his proposal to me of which I had accepted wholeheartedly? Does he truly care about me. Is it all about love or lust? How would he feel if he eventually get to marry me and he realised I’m not with my pride as a woman anymore.

Would he leave me? Can he call it an end? What if I told him before the Nikaah? Would he put a stop to our relationship? Who can I confide in? Nobody, just myself. No one knows of this sad incident except Abu and I. I just don’t know but I think I am seriously confused.

“Do you like my dress? : Kana sha’awar kaya na?. Ummi just sent it to me from Saudi Arabia alongside lots of veil and some jewelleries. I told her about you, gaskiya she likes you so much. She even offered to send yours today but the delivery man messed up things, I’m very sure if Ummi comes to Nigeria, you would be best of friends.” Hadiza said as she showed me a black plain gown with petals.

Hadiza is a really nice friend cum sister. I don’t really know how to thank her cos she has a very nice heart, she’s brilliant and pretty also. For the past four month, we have been relying on her foodstuffs alone, she even made a suggestion to her Ummi to be giving me allowance every month. All of which I informed Abu and he was quite surprised and impressed with our relationship.

On the schools last vacation, she had taken me to her home but I was unfortunate to meet her caring mother, Hajia Medinatu Garuba. At her spacious home, I had met with her siblings, Ibrahim Garuba- who happens to be the first born and who works with chevron. Aishatu Garba-Idrees is the second born, currently based in Uk she had come for holidays in Nigeria with her kids and husband. Rahmat Garuba-Lawal is the third born, an entrepreneur who runs a fashion house, and a consultancy service in one of the sophisticated places in lekki, she’s twenty-six but married with two kids- Fatimah and Nafisah.

It was also fun as Hadizah’s fiancée, Yusuf Lawan who is a twenty-three years old medical student of Ahmadu Bello University drove us to a shopping mall as well as to the popular icecream store -Coldstone, I remembered choosing strawberry flavour while Hadiza and Yusuf took chocolate flavour. And when it’s getting closer to noon, we had gone to the cinema to watch an American series film while enjoying our popcorn. It was all fun. Indeed I was welcomed as a family not as a friend to their daughter. Which of hadiza’s kindness can I repay? She’s indeed Allah’s sent to me.

“Gaskiya, tayi maki kyau!!. How can I thank Ummi for her kindness, Hadiza. You guys never make me feel like I have lost one of my parents, I pray to Allah to allow Ummi enjoy and reap the fruit of her labour” I replied Hadiza who was busy folding her clothes.

“Amin, thanks so much my dear for coping with me and always standing with me through hard times. I really appreciate that too. May Allah replenish our efforts. All that’s sweet, what are we eating? Yunwa nake ji?” She asked.

“What kind of food do you like?: Wane irin abinci kake so?. There is rice in the kitchen, beans , yam. Just name anything and let me go and prepare cos I’m hungry too” I replied making my way to the kitchen.

“Anything eatable is nice, in as much as it would sustain us enough. I guess there is rice in the kitchen. Can you prepare that one. We will eat it with the vegetable soup”

“Have you forgotten I’m not Hausa, my dad is from Kogi and my mum is from Oyo state. And the only reason, I understand Hausa is because I was brought up in Kaduna. So, Hadiza let’s try West. I would prepare Amala, so we eat it with the remaining vegetable.” I told her willingly.

“So we are eating that chocolate stuff, ever since aunty Rahmatu had married a yoruba man, she had been making that dish for her family. Though it’s sweet no doubt but the colour is yuck” Hadiza replied from the bedroom.

“It’s gonna be sweet okay, and even I would prepare it to your taste. Amala is a special delicacy of the yoruba people. I think the last time I prepared it there was little lumps (koko) inside that’s why you didn’t enjoy it. Inshā Allāh, I’m going to focus on preparing it this time around.” I had told Hadiza hopefully praying not to have koko locked in between the Amala this time around.

Within an hour, we had exhausted the sumptuous meal of Amala and vegetable soup. Hadiza had really enjoyed her food cos I could see the way she had licked her fingers, she even asked for more but I told her sadly it was finished likewise the vegetable soup.

“The food is yummy, all thanks to you for being a great chef in this house. I really enjoyed the Amala delicacy. I guessed it was the koko that made me lose my appetite for the food. Nagode, you really tried” Hadiza said as she packed the plates to the kitchen.

“Do not tease me now, but anyways we are great cook you know, or have you forgotten the day you made strawberry cakes or should I mention the day you had made fruit salad and Tuwo shinkafi. You are also a great cook Hadiza” I replied her chuckling from the bedroom.

And that’s all for today, Dear esteemed readers what do you think?

Should she tell Imran or not? If she should what exactly should she tell him? If not why?

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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