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Episode Nine

(family Reunion)
The dining table was filled thus the women ate in the kitchen , their parents and the men had their dinner on the dining table, while the kids had theirs in the living room. Bashirah ate silently as she listen to the other women discussion. She had not yet come over what happened earlier between her and her husband and she wish she had someone to confide in.
“So how is the therapy going? “ Hadrah asked Husseinah
“Working slowly.” She replied and sighed
“What therapy is that sis? “ Kudrah asked , wondering if her sister in law is sick.
“Your brother anger management .” Husseinah replied and Kudrah opened her eyes wide. It is no news her brother Hussein has an anger problem.
“I thought he has changed?” Kudrah pointed out and wondered if he has been treating his wife well.
“You can say that again.” Husseinah said and forced out a smile.
“How come he accepted the theraphy?” kudrah asked with interest, she still remember how short tempered her brother was .
“Hassan dragged him in for the therapy himself. They had a few sessions together .” Hassanah pointed out and the women laughed , they know the brothers were each other weak point.
“Is the new wife this quiet or just pretending?” Hadrah asked and everyone looked towards Bashirah’s direction.
“She does not talk much.” Kudrah pointed out .
“Ma sha Allah, but this family is a talking family. We talk a lot here .” Hassanah said .
“You can’t enjoy my brother with your introvert nature. My bro laughs, jokes, talks and enjoy doing all lively things you can think of. You need to do all that as well with him to win him over . “ Hadrah advised while Bashirah nodded with smiles.
“He loves being stylish. He has a great sense of dressing .” Husseinah added .
“Creativity in cooking. You know he is a great cook don’t you?” Hassanah asked Bashirah who smiled the more. She actually feel like crying .
“She is a good cook too. Her mum has a canteen in the village. “ Kudrah pointed out.
“Really?” Husseinah asked , she was sad, she could not come over for the Nikkah.
“Yes.” Kudrah nodded
“you can be an introvert in Public but please don’t be with my brother . Because this your smiles……” Hadrah said and they laughed the more.
“Jazakumllahu khairan. “ Bashirah said after she was able to inhale her tears. She was glad for such advises , no one really has the time to tell her about her husband , his likes, his dislikes and preferences . He was not ready to tell her either . Now she understands why he loves buying her clothings and telling her what and what to wear .
“See sis Hadrah for tutorial on dressing. “ Husseinah said reconmending her sister in law who smiled. It was quite obvious HaHadrah had a good sense of dressing as well.
“I think I will come back for lectures too. Hubby is complaining a lot about my dressing these days.” Hassanah said and they laughed the more.

Episode Nine cont’d

(Family Reunion)
Bashirah listened silently as Hadrah speaks, she was surprise at how hadrah talked to her as if they have known each other for ages. The family members were easy going and one can hardly differentiate between inlaws and children.
“Does he still thinks or talks about his Ex wife?” Hadrah asked and Bashirah swallowed hard, she was wondering of the best answer to give her. She has been warned by her mother never to talk about her marial issues with anyone.
“Don’t even think of lying, because I know him so well. He is my brother.” She told her and Bashirah nodded slowly.
“I know , it is offensive but please, don’t give up on him, he is a good man. “ Hadrah pleaded and Bashirah nodded. She finally broke into tears. Hadrah watched her as the young lady cried. She only prayed no one see them . She wondered what her brother must have put her through. She is just a young girl whose wishes and desire must have been to get have a loving man as a husband in future.
“You need to try and squeeze yourself into his life ,don’t just be his wife, try to be his friend, his confidant . It is not going to be easy but it will surely worth it.” Hadrah explained .
“His Ex was everything to him , he chose her above us , so when they got divorced, he lose a lot; a wife, a friend, a confidant, a lawyer, anything that you can think of . That is why it was so hard for him. “ she explained further. She believed it is best Bashirah knows everything , it will give her a head of what she is facing .
“Thanks ma’am, you have been helpful.” Bashirsh said and smiled.
“Are you offended?” Hadrah asked and she shook her head.
“No.” Bashirah replied.
“Most women feel offended when discussing their husband’s Ex.” Hadrah said and Bashirah smiled. Well, she is not most woman and she is ready to do everything to enjoy her marriage .
“My brother is so lucky to have someone like you.” Hadrah said and prayed her brother appreciate her the more.
“I got you some things for your Nikkah.” Hadrah said and dragged Bashirah to her room to show her the gifts she got for her . Bashirah know she has found an elder sister!!!!
It was after ishai, the ladies were chatting in the living room, the sons in law were In the garden with their parents in law. The sons were in the room .
Suleiman was looking up on something from his laptop when his brothers entered his room.
“Work?” Hassan asked as they entered their brother bed room.
“Not really.” Suleiman replied and Put his lalaptop away.
“So what are you two up to?” Suleiman asked them, they have not been close like they were before his first marriage to Misturah.
Hussein opened his Mechanical workshop ten years ago and he know has three branches in three neighboring states while Hassan is working on having another branch of his personal hospital in another part of the state capital.
“Ma sha Allah.” Suleiman said. He was happy to hear this from them. He was sad he had not been a good brother to them .
“Hadrah is now a senior lecturer right?” Suleiman asked and they nodded . She still don’t want to talk to him , since he got back with the family.
“Yes , she is an associate Professor now. Kudrah is a lawyer. “ Hassan said
“Alihamdulilah, I talk with kudrah all the time. “ Suleiman said .
“Don’t worry, we will try to sort out whatever Problem you had with sis ins sha Allah, before we leave. “ Hussein said
“How is your short temper? I hope you have it under control?” Suleiman asked while Hussein forced out a smile.
“He is now going for anger management.” Hassan pointed out .
“That is a good one. Please try to adhere strictly to instructions. Anger is not a good thing. “ Suleiman said.
“We are happy you get married again. I wonder what is special about you for Allah to have given to you such a lovely young lady as a wife . “ Hassan said ,they were happy their brother got married again. They told him how their wives cant stop talking about her. Just three days in the house, everyone seem to love and get along with her .
“Alihamduliliah .” Suleiman said. At least everyone loves her, she completely ignore him Since their arrival, she only come to sleep in the room at night and leave early the next morning. Surprisingly, he missed her company. He was however matured about their short disagreement that no one notice they were not talking to each other.
“Heard she is studying Nursing.” Hassan said
“Yes, I persuaded her to study medcine but she said No. “ Suleiman said
“It’s her passion. “ Hussein said and the brothers nodded.
“I am happy we planned this reunion. See you boys, how much you have grown. “ Suleiman said .
“We are now men , fathers , Alihamdulilah.” Hassan said with pride. .
“Alihamdulilah, Hussein said and theywent on to discuss about old times.

Suleiman looked up from the newspaper in his hand, she was dressed up for school. She was in a lovely black gown and a matching hijab, her bag was hung on her shoulder and she was smiling at him. Since they return from the family reunion, she had suddenly changed toward him, he was surprise at the way she talks to him , it look like she has completely forgotten about their talk before they left for the reunion. He had felt so bad about how he praised his ex wife to her, he was scared she might read some meaning to him but she amazed him with her actions. She was just too matured for her age.
“Can you take me to school this morning?” Bashirah asked politely with smiles, he put his newspaper aside and looked at her with surprise.
“What is wrong with your car?” he asked her. Even though he was ready for work, he was not ready to go out that moment .
“it need some sort of service. I am sorry, I should have told you earlier.” She said to him and he paused to think for a while.
“Okay, no problem, but you know you can go in any other cars of your choice, I wont complain.” He pointed out and she shook her head.
“I don’t even feel like driving. I want you to take me to school, it is on your way to work after all” She said and he smiled.
“Okay, but how will you come back home after school?” he asked, he was only concern about her.
“I will wait for you to come pick me up .” she said, she already has everything planned. He nodded, he guess he can convince her otherwise.
Thirty minutes later, they were infront of her faculty.
“Jazakallahu khair” she said and pecked him on the cheeks before she got down from the car, it came as a big surprise to him, she has never done that to him before.
“When should I expect you?” she asked smiling at him, he still has not got offer the sudden peck.
“Habeebi,” she called and he woke up from his slumber to yet another surprise.
“When is your last lecture?” he asked her
“Two to four.” She said
“Will be here after Asr ins sha Allah.” He promised and she nodded with smiles.
“Have a nice day at work.” She said and winked at him before she ran off to join her course mates.
“What is wrong with her?” he asked himself, he was about starting the car when he saw a note beside him, he opened and read;
My love,
Have a lovely day at work. Eat and enjoy the lovely lunch I made for you.
Your lovely wife
He smiled and wrapped the piece of paper in his pocket before starting the car. She is full oof surprises, he thought and smiled as he remembered all her surprises that morning.
Back in the class, Bashirah still blushed when she remembered the stunts she showed to her husband that morning, she still rememberd the look on his face. She wondered where she got the boldness from. How can she this bold? She asked herself. She had been reading books recommended by Hadrah and she is taking to every instruction. She even subscribed to an App on how to make your husband loves you.
“Just squeezed yourself in and you wont regret it.” Her sister in law advised and she has promised to do just that. She know her husband is not a bad man, listening to stories about him from his siblings make her understand him better. He was just a man unfortunate to get married to the wrong person. At least he try to make her comfortable, he buys her gifts, she owns a lot of things that she could only dream off some months ago, she wears the lastest wears, latest gadgets, she drive the latest car.
“You can take anyone you want at anytime.” He do tell her.
He sends money to her mother monthly, he just complete her father’s house, he try to make her comfortable in the best he can but she want more and he deserve more too.
She has always dream to marry a man who loves and cares for her, a man who will treats her like a queen, who will be her best friend, a confidant, a brother and a father.
She envies misturah for completely taking over Suleiman’s heart that even after her leaving him, he still thinks of her all the time.
“Who is she?” she asked herself and instead of hating her, she want to make a way for herself as well in what ever way she can. She is afterall his only wife!
“Salamualykum, she heard a voice beside her and she smiled, it was her friend, Munawarah.
“Walaykumsalam waramotullah wabarakatuh Mrs Bride” Bashirah teased her friend.
“I saw Uncle S car while coming in to the faculty.” Munawarah asked and winked at her friend.
“Yes, my car need some servicing.” Bashirah pointed out and Munawarah smiled.
“Really? The last time I checked there were four exotic cars in your compound.” She said and bashirah blushed.
“Anyways, I am not going to give you the full gist, I am just being a good student” Bashirah whispered as the lecturer entered the room . she knows there is no backing out for her……
To be continued


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