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A son went to his father 


​A son went to his father and said, “I won’t be going to the Masjid anymore!”
He said, “May I ask why?”
He answered, “I see people on their cell phones during Salah, others are gossiping, some are not acting appropriately, they are all just hypocrites!”

The Father became silent, and said, “OK… But can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?”
He said, “What’s that?”
The father said, “Take a glass of water and walk around the Masjid 2 times and don’t let any water fall out the glass.”
He agreed to do what his father asked. After awhile he came back and said it’s done.
The father then asked his son 3 questions.
“1. Did you see anybody on their phone?
2. Did you hear anyone gossiping?
3. Was anyone behaving wrong?”
He answered, “I didn’t see anything nor did I hear anything because I was too busy focussing on not spilling the glass, so the water wouldn’t fall.”
He told him, “when you go to the Masjid, you should be focused on your Creator and not on the creation, only then you can receive the true benefit of being in the House of Almighty Allah!”


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