Home News Daesh, Al Qaida have no links with Islam: Imam-e-Kaaba

Daesh, Al Qaida have no links with Islam: Imam-e-Kaaba


According to Radio Pakistan, Imam-e-Kaaba Dr Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdullah Bin Humaid says the terrorist organizations like Daesh and Al-Qaeda had no link or concern with Islam as it is the religion of peace .

In an interview to a private news channel, he said Muslim countries are facing difficulties due to mutual differences and intolerance.

He said sectarianism is like a curse and could be diminished by resolving mutual differences and following Kalma-e-Haq.                

Imam-e-Kaaba pointed out that carrying out Jihad is the responsibility of Islamic state, not of any organization or a group of people.               

He said according to the Holy Quran, killing of one person without any reason would be considered killing of the whole humanity.          

He said Islamic Military Alliance is not against any country.


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