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‘Loose Women’ Star Saira Khan Reports Death Threats To The Police, Following Bikini Photo


‘Loose Women’ presenter Saira Khan has alerted the police after receiving death threats on social media.

Saira received a threatening message over a post she shared on her Instagram account, in response to a Muslim preacher who claimed it was sinful for women to wax their eyebrows.
Uploading a picture of herself sunbathing in a bikini on Monday (21 August), Saira wrote: “I woke up to news that A Muslim Preacher is saying that ‘plucking eyebrows’ for Muslim women is a sin – here’s my response – kiss my [peach emoji] you backward prehistoric dinosaur!”

However, since then Saira – who is a practising Muslim – has revealed that she received a threatening message in the comments section.

In a post addressed to the Metropolitan Police, Saira shared a screengrab of the comment, which read: “Keep your fucking mouth shut! Your not a Muslim nor do you represent anything to do with Islam!!! Your white masters have given ou what you desire as a sell out reporter!!! If you value your life keep the fuck out of Islam.”

Back in May, Saira took on similar criticism, when detractors accused her of being anti-Muslim by being involved in the ‘Loose Women’ ‘Body Stories’ campaign, which saw her and the rest of the panel posing in swimwear for an unairbrushed photo-shoot.

Defending herself at the time, she said: “Here we go – I bet none of my other @loosewomen are getting posts like this,” she wrote.

“As soon as I say ‘I’m a Muslim’ then all hell breaks loose – seriously – I was brought up to not judge others – it’s a basic requirement for Muslims.

“I feel so sorry for people like this who are so threatened by a woman’s body – this is not a “sexual” campaign – it’s one to empower women, for us to feel good about ourselves and our imperfections.

“It’s my choice to do this and if Allah doesn’t like it- let him deal with me – WTF does it have to do with anyone else?

“If a woman in a bikini offends your version of Islam – then seriously you should not be looking in the first place.”


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