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Episode 16

“And so my friend has a Co wife. “ Munawarah said. It was still a surprise to her though. She still find it so difficult to believe that her friend’s husband who she had thought love her friend so much can think of marrying another woman and not only that, a woman almost the same age as his first wife’s mother!!!
“What was the attraction?” she asked her friend.
“She was his Ex wife. But never mind I will be fine. I just need someone to talk to. “ Bashirah said.
“Just don’t loose your guard. Don’t let her take control of the house. You both have equal right. “ Munawarah said to her.
“I will be fine. “ Bashirah said.
“You keep saying that now, I am sure you are not fine. You know you can tell me anything. “ Munawarah said. They have been more than a friend but sisters.
“Even when school is over. You can always pay me a visit. I promise to always be there for you. “ Munawarah who’s was expecting her second child said.
“Thanks dear friend. All I need is a distraction nothing more. “ Bashirah said to her friend who nodded, she understood what her friend was going through perfectly.
“Perfect, I am here for you , let’s go shopping on Saturday, a cousin of mind is getting married. Let’s go with her. It will be fun. “ Munawarah suggested and Bashirah nodded.
“I will include your name among the organizing committee. It will distract you a bit but don’t forget you have to study as well. Your grades is very important. We will be out of school in no time. “ Munawarah said and Bashirah nodded, it was exactly what she needed.
“Let’s go for lecture, it’s almost time. “ Munawarah said and dragged her friend to the lecture room.

Suleiman returned home from the masjid and met Misturah in the living room watching a movie. He greeted her and sat down beside her. They were the only one at home . Bashirah Now go to school for weekend tutorials. He guess she is trying to get herself distracted, she still find it hard to accept being a Co wife and he truly understand. Unlike when they play, joke, and talk together all alone during weekends and evenings, she has misturah to share him with now and she find it difficult to adjust. He hardly see her smile or joke anymore except when he visits her room to spend some time with her. She does not even sit in the living room anymore. She find solace in her room and books and he is scared of what will happen when school ends.
Her miss so much that even Misturah could not feel the empty vacuum she left him with. He feel. So lonely even with two women in his life !!!
“What is for lunch?” Suleiman asked Misturah.
“I took garri With fried Chicken, care for a cup?” Misturah asked
“But we had bread and Tea for breakfast. “ Suleiman pointed out.
“Of course I know, but that is what is available. Bashirah will be back in the evening to prepare dinner. You know I don’t cook. “ Misturah said to him.
“But it’s your turn to cook. “ he said and wondered if Bashirah had been cooking all these while.
“Does it mean, you have been lying to me all these while? So Bashirah had been cooking even when it is not her turn to do so. “ He said to her .
“Yes. And there is no need to get all work up, why must I cook when we have Bashirah is in the house?” Misturah asked
“She is a wife in this house, just like you are. “ Suleiman pointed out.
“I am not her mate and you know it. She is just like my child. “ Misturah said.
“She is not your child but my wife and I refuse you to intimidate her. No wonder she try as much to avoid you. “ He said, now things are being clear to him.
“She is not a maid.” Suleiman said.
“You refused to get one. “ Misturah said.
“You know I don’t do house chores, yet you refused to get a maid. She herself see no reason for one , so why won’t she do it, after all she has been the one in charge before my arrival. “ Misturah said.
“If you don’t know how to do it, then you should learn. “ Suleiman said.
“I am not going to. “ Misturah said.
“Don’t push me MIs, don’t .” Suleiman warned and left the house in anger and Misturah was surprised, now one thing Is clear, he was not the the man she knew before, he was a complete different person. But she is not ready to learn, he must learn to accept her for who she is after all, he accepted her that way during their first marriage.
Bashirah returned back home few minutes before Maghreb, the tutorial ends by four, but she stayed back in the library to study more before driving back home.
After her maghrib, she rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner and q few minutes after Ishai. She had prepared pounded Yam and vegetable soup. Then set the food on the table before she went in to have a shower, perform her Ishai. She wondered why she felt tired easily these days. Their husband arrived two hours later, she was waiting for him in the living room, Misturah already had her dinner and was in her room when he arrived.
“You came home late. I tried calling you but could not get through, “ Bashirah said, he nodded and sat down while she get him a cup of water.
“Are you okay? “ he asked looking at her, she looked so weak and pale.
“Yes, I am. Why are you late? “ she asked him.
“I went to see a friend .”he said he could not tell her of the quarrel he had with misturah earlier that day.
“Your food is ready, I was waiting up for you. “ She said and led him to the dining table.
“No wonder you looked tired “ He said as she dished his food.
“Thanks. “ Suleiman said and asked her if she had eaten and she shook her head.
“No, she said.
“Alright, let’s eat together .” he said and pointed from his plate.
“Come on, he said and dragged her to sit.
“Are you sick? You looked tired. “ He asked her
“I am fine, I guess it is school stress. “ she said, even though she was feeling feverish.
“Okay, let’s eat. “ He said, she nodded and obeyed. After dinner, he helped her packed the plates to the kitchen.
“Go in and rest, let me do the dishes. “ He said to her and she did not disagree.
“Wait up for me. “ He said after as she left for her room. He finished the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and went to her room to see her. She was already on her bed when he entered. The room was neat compared to Misturah ‘s. He always feel at ease with her.
“You are not meant to be here. “ she said to him, she was still lying on the bed.
“I know dear. I just want to discuss some issues with you.” He said and sat down on the bed. She was still lying on the bed, very tired to stand up, she tried to sit up but he stopped her.
“When is your examination starting? “ he asked her.
“in six weeks. “ she replied trying hard to keep her eyes open.
“Go to sleep, we will discuss better tomorrow, ins sha Allah. “ He said to her when he noticed how tired and sleepy she look. He planted a kiss on her lips and left. He did not sleep in Misturah’s room that night but in another room. He could not help but wondered how tired and sick Bashirah looked, he just hope everything is fine with her.

Bashirah woke up for a start, it was past six, she struggled to open her eyes and walked slowly to the bathroom to observe her ablution. She wondered why no one woke her up. She struggled to keep her eyes open for salAh, then rushed to the bed again to sleep.
Suleiman came in an hour later, he was surprised to see her still on the bed, it was unlike her.
“What is wrong with you? “ he asked as he sat on the bed.
“Feeling weak and sleepy. “ she said to him.
“You look sick. I think we have to go to the hospital. Dress up and let’s go. “ He said to her.
“Let me rest for a while .” Bashirah said but Suleiman will not hear of it. She agreed to go to the hospital, it is not use arguing with her husband. She struggled to dress up and cleaned her face before she went out with him. Misturah was waiting by the door looking very angry.
“So this is how you want to play the game right? You stayed with her over night right? “ she asked
“Can you walk by yourself to the car dear? “ he asked Bashirah who nodded and walked slowly out, she keep wondering what was wrong with the two.
“You are a cheat. “ Misturah said raising her voice.
“Can you keep your voice down, it is too early please. “ Suleiman asked her.
“Now I am shouting, I can’t really believe this, you know me. “ She said and went back in. Suleiman sighed and left to join Bashirah who was standing by the car waiting. He helped her into the car, start the car and drove out of the compound. .
“Is everything fine. “ Bashirah asked him and he nodded.
“Of course .” he said. In a few minutes they were at the hospital . They were in the doctor office a few minutes later. The doctor listened to her complain and nodded.
“We have to do some tests for easy diagnosis. “ he said and ordered some tests to be done.
Half an hour later, they were back at the doctor’s office.
“Your wife is six weeks pregnant, congratulations. “ the doctor announced and shook hands with Suleiman who was surprised at the news. .
“So, you have to take things easy madam, get enough rest as much as you can, eat good food. You have to take things rather easy for the next six weeks “ the doctor advised.
“Is there any drugs we need to get? “ Suleiman asked trying very hard to contained his joy. He had never felt so happy like he was that moment.
“None, all she need is to rest well, good sleep and good food. “ the doctor pointed out.
They thank the doctor and left.
“Alihamdulilah, thanks so much for making me a complete man. “ Suleiman said with tears in his eyes, he felt so happy
“Alihamdulilah, I didn’t even give it a thought. I am so happy. “ Bashirah said. She cant believe she is going to be a mother very soon.
“We need to celebrate it, but I want us to keep it as a secret between us for the next six weeks, then you can tell your mum. “ He said to her and she nodded.
“Thanks, he said and started the car. He led her bedroom, knocked the door behind them, and hugged her tightly.
“Thanks so much dear, if only you know how happy you made me. “ He said to her.
“Please sit, you don’t have to do anything more in this house. “ He said to her and she smiled. She was so happy.
“How are you feeling now? “ he asked her
“Sleepy. “ she said
“Okay, sleep and let me fix breakfast .” He said and she nodded. He kissed her lips and left the bedroom for the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Misturah joined him in the kitchen some minutes later, she was surprised to see him preparing breakfast.
“Where is she? So now that she is on duty. You want to help her .” she asked him.
“She is not feeling fine.” Suleiman replied her.
“Really? “ Misturah asked and turned to leave.
“Why are you like this MI’s? You were not like this years ago. Who made you this way?” he asked her.
“I am now crazy? “ she asked him, hissed and left the kitchen.
He returned to the bedroom with a tray of where he have her breakfast. He had the breakfast with her , parked the plates to the kitchen to wash. She already had her bath when he returned some minutes later.
“Don’t you have anywhere to go to? “ She asked him, she seem to be growing tired of his too much fuss over her.
“No, it’s Sunday. “ He said to her and she nodded.
“How about you come to the living room to relax? “ he asked but she shook her head. She prefer to stay in her bedroom.
“I want to rest for a while, tomorrow is Monday, you know. “ she said, he nodded.
“How about getting a maid? “ he asked her
“Why a maid? “ she asked.
“To help around the house, I know misturah hardly help around the house. Getting one will surely reduce stress. “ He explained.
“No, we don’t need one for now. I am not sick and there is not really too much to do around the house. Just to cook and do some cleaning, it is not something I can’t handle. “ She said and he sighed
“Don’t worry about me, I will let you know when I need help and please stop this fuss over me. “ she said to him with smiles and he nodded.
“But why do you cook during Misturah’s turn too? ‘ he asked and she smiled.
“It is not your duty. Please don’t do so anymore. “ He said
‘You know that is not possible, if we must eat in this house. She told me she can’t cook and I enjoy cooking. Let us leave it that way. It is no issue, I will stop when I can’t go further. “ Bashirah said to her husband who looked at her In wonder. She sighed, stood up and was about to leave the room when her voice stopped him.
“You have not been taking your polygamy class seriously. ‘ she said after him and looked at her with surprise.
“I am not a witch, I saw your notes. “ She said to him and he Know he can’t hide anything from her.
“You don’t have to interfere in these trivial matters for peace of mind. “ She added.
“Thanks. “ he said and left, Bashirah found time to rest.
To be continued.


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