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Bashirah knocked on her husband’s room and waited for his reply before she entered the room which her husband had decided to allocate to himself, even though she does not like it, she has learnt to accept it . It was her third time in the room, he will rather come to her room anytime he wants.
Suleiman was dressing up when she entered , it was a Saturday and he do go out to play golf with his friends . Suleiman looked at her and wondered why she was there. She is unpredictable in her actions these days for she came up with a new one everyday !!!!
“Can I go with you?” she asked as she sat on the bed and watched him dressed .
Suleiman finished with what he was doing and looked at her in amusement.
“I want to go with you.” She repeated and he busted into laughter.
“Do you know anything about the game?” he asked her and she shook her head .
“No , but I am a very fast learner. I don’t want to spend the weekend alone again. “ Bashirah said pitifully.
“It is just too quiet, “ she said , suleiman nodded, he quiet understood.
“Do you want a maid to keep your company?” he asked and she shook her head .
“No. What will she be doing? There are little to do around the house . I just want to enjoy sometimes with my husband .” Bashirah said , at last and Suleiman sighed.
This woman! He said under his breath.
He sat down beside her on the bed and held her hands softly.
“Do you really want to go watch the golf match?” he asked again and she nodded .
“Alright then, let’s get you dressed up.” He said and lead her to her room to get something for her to put on.
“I never know you are this good.” Bashirah told her husband as they drove back home. He won all his games and she came to know he was the club Champion.
“You should be proud of your husband .” He said and squeezed her hands and she blushed.
“Ofcourse I am, you are good in So many things. “ she said and smiled.
“Alihamdulilah! “ He said smiling .
“So what was your days in school like?” she asked
“you really want to know?” he asked and she nodded .
“Where should I Start from?” he asked then smiled.
“Let me start from Secondart school in the village. “ He said and broke down laughing.
“What is funny?” she asked but he continued laughing as he drove into the compound . He continued until they entered the living room and sat down.
“If I am going to start from my life in the secondary school , then I should just talk about your parents love story. “ He said to her and Bashirah opened her eyes wide .
“Really?” she asked with a great interest, she sat down beside him and urged him to continue.
“Okay, “ and suleiman started the story no one has ever told her. Suleiman was one of her father’s best student just like her mother in those days .
“Ma sha Allah, Bashirah said feeling excited after listening to her parents’ love story.
“You are a very good story teller.” Bashirah commented and he laughed , she felt so excited seeing her husband this happy, now she understand why his siblings insist their brother is fun loving person.
“I may write a book one day , he said and touched her nose . He felt so happy and relived for the first time after his divorce, he did not think of his Ex wife in hours! He wondered what effect Bashirah had on him. He seem to be liking her day by day. She keep changing and growing everyday and he had never seen this side of his wife before.
“Now, let me tell you about my school, since you never asked . “ Bashirah started when she realised he was getting carried away again. He smiled ,he had never asked her about her life in school.
She talked about her lectures, lecturers, tests, and friends. She has a very good grade during her first semester as well. The second semester is a few weeks away.
“I hope you are preparing for that. I have never seen you study. “ he pointed out .
“I have a time table for everything . Everything is under control“ she said and he nodded with smiles, before he excused himself to go to Masjid for Maghrib and ishai .
“I am going to miss you.” Bashirah pointed out and he laughed, then he put his arms around her neck.
“Same here dear, but I will be back before you know it. “ he said , gave her a peck before he left.
After Maghrib, was when she remembered she has not prepared dinner.
“hum, she thought on what to prepare , she thought on what special dish to prepare for her husband, then suddenly an idea crept in and she broke into smiles . He told her of his favourite dish not quite long and his desire to have a tatse just like it taste while in the village.
“Ma sha Allah, she said and started dinner. He came back an hour and half later , the aroma filled up the living room , he wondered what his wife was cooking.
He smiled as he saw what his wife has made.
“Really, how do you know this?” he asked her with smiles and she blushed.
“Enjoy your meal.” She said and winked at him.

Episode 11 (cont’d)
Suleiman sighed as he laid his wife on the bed, she had slept off while watching watching a late night movie with him , he sat down beside her on the bed and watched as she sleep peacefully, he had never realised she was fun to be with , she made him forget all his worries, he had not been this free as he felt that moment and he was glad .
He smiled as he laid beside her on the bed and moved closer to her. He closed his eyes to sleep, the warmth he felt was just so special…….
The next morning, Bashirah had a smile glued to her lips as if she was born with it. Just thinking about the previous day was something to smile continuously about and she was determine to continue as she was totally in love with him . She want him all to herself , if he must think, it has to be of her and her alone.
“As salamualykum, she heard her husband’s voice as he entered the building . He had just returned back from the Masjid after the fajr prayer .
She smiles , as she went out of the kitchen into the living room to welcome him .
“Walaykumsalam waramotullah wabarakatuh” she said and gave him a warm hug.
“how was your night?” he asked as he lowered himself on the sofa. She was still sleepy when he woke her up for salah.
“Alihamdulilah, she said with smiles and turned to return back to the kitchen .
“Anything i can help you with?” he asked as he followed her to the kitchen.
“You don’t have to do anything . ” she said , she is not use to having him in the kitchen.
“it’s my job. I will clean up in a few minutes.” she said and start cleaning up. The rice on the gas cooker was almost done .
” Says who? I might even be better at it than you , remember i lived alone for most of my years. As a students and as a old bachelor .” he said , she nodded with smiles, it is nice having him in the kitchen.
The breakfast was ready in a few minutes and the food was served .
“How about we eat from my plate. It’s lonely eating alone.” he asked and she looked at him with surprise .
“Really?” she asked , of course she love it . She moved closer to him and he smiled .
She is just the best and she deserved more , he thought.

Episode 12
Bashirah broke into smiles as her husband’s car showed up in her faculty’s parking lot.
“Uncle S is here.” Munawarrah said with smiles and followed her friend out of the faculty, it was the beginning of the seassional break, she finished her second semester examinations two hours ago.
“Till next session ins sha Allah.” Munawarah said and waved as the car drove out of the faculty.
“How was the paper?” Suleiman asked as he drove out of the school gate.
“Alihamdulilah, it was not as difficult as i thought. ” She said , she was very scared of this particular paper that morning , and even of the whole examination there had been alot of distraction lately from her husband with the romance mood between them , unlike the previous Semester where the live just like two strangers , thus she could not find much time to study like she did during the previous semester, but she cannot complain because she love every bit of it , it was what she had prayed for. She only hope her grades wont suffer much for it .
“Alihamdulilah, dont worry, you will come out in flying colours.” He said and touched her nose with smiles. She always marvel at her husband sudden change to her, she was not expecting this sudden change but whatever the cause of the sudden changes, she is grateful.
“So any plans for the break?” he asked
“No plans for now.” she replied .
“How about enrolling for an islamic clsss at the Masjid?” Suleiman asked
“Do you know of anyone close by?” she asked with interest
“Yes, it is at the masjid where i perform salah. I will speak to those in charge ins sha Allah. ” He promised
“When do you wish to go to the village ?” he asked her as he drove into the compound.
“Are you not missing your mum at all?” he asked her
“I dont want to inconvenience you, anytime you feel we can .” she said to him , even though she talk to her mother on phone everyday, she miss her greatly. She know how lonely she must be .
“Dont think of that dear, i can always create time for you anytime you want me to. ” He explained. If only she understands how much he valued her .
“What about this weekend? We can go Friday evening and returned Sunday evening?” he suggested and she smiled
“I will love it . I am missed everything about the village.” She said feeling excited .
“I know, Village girl.” he teased her
“Fit enough to be your wife , half village boy.” she teased back and he smiled
“Can we go in now or do you want to sleep in the car?” he asked her
“Yes , i want to sleep in the car.” she said .
“You see why you are a village girl?” he asked as he got out of the car,
“Enjoy yourself .” he said to her . She came down from the car and rushed after him .
“You are no gentle man at all. ” she said after him .
Bashirah’s mother looked at her daughter in amazement , she looked very different from her young daughter who she got married some months ago, she looked so beautiful, calm and happy . She was glad she accepted the proposal and created a better life for her daughter
To be continued
be continued


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