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Hello Swagger Sister 


*’… Swagger Sister …’*

Perfect is Allah that blessed you with this *Shape,*
unblemished is the creator that protects you like swiss *Grape,*
but it’s painful how you *flaunt it,* it’s disgusting how you *blunt it,* down the street, you’re just *naked,*
Would you deny all I just Stated?

for how long would you fly without *Wing?*
for how long would you live without *King?*
Helloo Swagger Sister…

It’s only a matter of *’time’,*

before you know the function of *’Thyme’,*
it remains but a *’Little’,*

before you’l stop sounding like a *’Pistol’,*
Now your products are sweet and *’Prime’,*

but soon enough it would be as sweet as *’Lime’,*
for when your market eventually *’retires’,* and it halts the buyers’ *’desires’,* you’l be a fine gurl looking *’stupid’,* always *sassy and never timid…*
Helloo Swagger Sister…

I know you’re *’Swaggalicious’,*

and it’s true that you’re *’Maggalicious’,* after this world there won’t be *’Another’,*

and that explains why you keep poluting the *’Weather’,*

six to *’Six’,* your swagger is *Mixed,* now I know why they call you *’Miss’,*
it’s your code to those that demands your *’Bliss’,*

You remain the toast of the *’Towns’,* because you’re the best of *’Clowns’…*
Helloo Swagger Sister …

Why not look deep before you *’Leap’,* why not sleep tight before you *’Weep’,* you have to make hay while your sun *’Shines’,* before you go stray like the weird *’Wines’,*
remember what you sow is what you’ll *’reap’,* think twice before drinking the *’Drip’,* kindly heed the call of your *’Lord’,* and stop hurting the hearts of your *’Ward’,* like *Mr. Bachelor,* you’ve got to alt your *’Zeal’,*

but be reminded that HIV and AIDS is *’REAL*’…’… *Swagger Sister*

*Our Hijab : Our Pride*


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