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How can a busy mother bond with her kids


In one short statement, the mother and the father need to learn to live a balanced life, understanding the priorities properly and placing them in the right order.

Understand that bonding with your children does not require a specific time or activity. Effectively and lovingly involving your children in all that you need to do in your daily life provides ample and very effective opportunities to bond with your children.

So, here are some tips:

1. For example, while cooking, cleaning, eating, and multiple other things that you need to do, involve your children in those activities, and have them help you with these chores. The earlier you get them into this habit, the more responsible they will grow up to be, and the more bonded they would be with you. Of course, all of this needs to be done in accordance with their abilities and capabilities.

2 . Involve them in your community work and keep them with you as best as you can, so that they can learn social skills and also develop a sense of community and their responsibilities thereof.

3. Also, set aside some time to have some purely fun activities with them. This is very important for kids love their parents when they play with them and take them and participate in their extracurricular activities.

4. And here is what you don’t do: DO NOT NAG THEM.

5. Involve them in the decision making process when the decisions are for them or are the ones which will affect them. It goes without saying that this should be done in accordance with their level of understanding. In brief, the more parents involve themselves in the lives of their children in a meaningful way, the better they will bond with them. Hope this helps, In sha’Allah.


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