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part three

Before he came from the masjid, I decided to prepare a small meal to eat together since we were both hungry. I took off my niqqab and went to the kitchen . As I was cooking, he came in from the masjid and saw me without niqqab , he was like “waw sister you are so beautiful, keep wearing niqqab before men like me will die soon” . I only smiled . After cooking, we ate together . Later he requested that I should recite the Qur’an for him . I used the sweetness of my voice and recited it. As I finished, I remembered that wherever a man and a woman is alone then there is always a third party called shaitan so I got up to leave for home. I told him I wanted to used the bathroom so he directed me to the bathroom inside his bedroom. I left him looking at my pictures and when to the bathroom to cleanse my body and remove the smoke from cooking. I undressed on his bed and went to clean up with my underwear. SubhanaAllah guess what? My phone ranged so we came to give it to me with a call but I couldn’t hear since I was cleansing myself. He claimed he called me for long but no answer so he came into the room to see what was wrong and SubhanaAllah he came right in when I was also just out of the bathroom. He saw me almost naked and couldn’t go nor stay . I began to cry seriously because a man has seen my nakedness who wasn’t my husband. As I was crying, he came closer to me to comfort me then suddenly…….

Read part four to find out
✍ Nyima Ceesay


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