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_Part four_

Suddenly, I shouted at him and he rushed to the living room. At that moment, I felt bad that couldn’t think straight. Wearing that niqqab back was a disgrace to my Lord 😭and the entire ummah 😞. I quickly wore my cloth and left his house.
When I reached home, I felt really ashamed. SubhanaAllah what I have been hiding my whole life has been seen by a man who wasn’t halal for me. Since then, I didn’t here from him for a couple of days. He called me after a week to apologized for all that had happened. I was angry at first but later realized it was not intentional so his apology was accepted. Was it really my fault🤷🏽‍♀🤷🏽‍♀? Things went back to normal as we continued sharing messages. I got so worried that couldn’t stay for a day without chatting with him. messages we shared became haram. I felt in love for him. I pretended to be pious but in reality, it was the opposite. I care less because all I was interested in was being with him. It came to a point where my niqqab was just during the day . I don’t even think of wearing niqqab when going for night outing with him. He loves looking at my beauty😍 so why should I hide it 🤷🏽‍♀? One faithful day, he urgently text me to go to his house . I couldn’t hesitate so I rushed. Guess what………..

What could possibly be my worst mistake?

Read part five in shaa Allah 😊
✍Nyima Ceesay


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