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Last Call

By Raihanah Bint Abdul Hakeem

Episode Two

“Look you are a barren woman, you should rather be thankful I brought you someone to assist you in whatever you don’t know how to do best. Three good years, you buried my son underneath you. It’s not gonna work today and forever. If you cannot accept this good lady then you should leave my son alone for good. Yes, leave him alone for good” She shouted at the top of her voice stamping her feet to the ground like a warrior on the battleground.

My gaze shifted and focused suspiciously on Mas’ud who actually did not reply his mother as he kept staring from the strange lady, to his mother, to me. My blood grew cold, my legs seems swollen as I least expected him to say something, yes to break the silence and tell his mother – to defend me but rather was shocked when he replied her.

“I have heard you mother. I would think about it” He said calmly.

“Really, that’s very good of you, my son. May Allah bless you. And, may she become fruitful for you, my son. You are the real son of your father. Thank you so much, my son” Grandma said as she praised her son and subsequently hissed at me.

This is so saddening, I never expected my husband to treat me like this. I have never been a wayward girl like Grandma has asserted. Infact, I gave my virginity to Mas’ud and he was the only man to see my nakedness. So, what was she insinuating?

Mas’ud informed Grandma we will soon be leaving for our home at Ikorodu and thanked her for the hospitality. I also thanked her but all she did was giving me a hiss and looking at me like a piece of annoying species. Our luggage’s was packed into my husband’s car and we headed to our home. Not a word came out of my mouth ever since we were on the journey and Mas’ud as well didn’t say anything as he concentrated on the journey.

Then he broke the silence after a short while :

“What’s your opinion or let’s say your idea on what Grandma had said. “He looked at me stylishy catching a glimpse. Silence. “What do you think” He asked again.

“Nothing….I have absolutely no idea” I muttered out even though I felt hurt and sad with the statement I have heard from Grandma.

“Of course, you should have. Please say your mind or should I say you agreed with the decision. Should I go ahead?” He said concentrating on the road as he made a swift corner to the highway.

It all came like a shock, when I heard his last statement. But why should this happen to me. Subhanallah, why? Is this a trial to test my faith. Tears almost came dripping from my eyes when I quickly wiped it out with a handkerchief and stared at the window side – glass.

“There is no problem, I’m okay with Grandma’s decision. It is fine by me. You can go ahead” I said looking at the window frame, almost at the verge of avoiding any uncalled for eyecontact.

“Do you mean to tell me to go ahead. I never least expected you to tell me this. Thank you so much, Lateefah” He smiled while fixing his gaze back to the road.

What have I just done? – I muttered to myself. I knew I’m hurting myself. Now, I’m pleasing my husband when I know I’m in pains myself. Is this the Mas’ud I knew. He had suddenly changed ever since we’ve arrived. – I guess he must have been carried away with Aliyah’s beauty. But I’m good looking too. I don’t look bad either.

We arrived home after a two-hours drive coupled with the traffic on Lagos road. And on arrival, I had unpacked all the luggage’s to the rooms, and arranged the whole house. We live in a big storey building and I’ve got lot of works to do.- dusting, sweeping, washing and the rest.

I had gulped down a big mug of water, swept the kitchen while tidying up the dishes and destroyed the sticky cobwebs that had littered the kitchen wall for years. After which I left for the nearby farm around the house to carry back a heap of firewood that would definitely warm the coldness in the home by running a furnace.

After series of chores done, I finally called it a day by performing my Isha prayer, when I was already done, and stressed out with the house hold chores and arrangements. And, Mas’ud was busy with his laptop all day. Thirty minutes earlier on, I had seen him eating cake and coffee. He gladly offered some, how would I eat when I’ve got a pile to think about.

“Would you like some..” He had said with a curved smile. “It’s very sweet”.

“No, thanks. I’m fine”. I replied bluntly trying to avoid eyecontact with him.

We never spoke a word all through as I slumped onto the bed and slept for the day.

What do u think Lateefah should have done or said?

Should she have clarified her virginity and not waywardness?

Should she have agreed to Masud’s questions or request?

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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