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Last Call

By Raihanah Bint Abdul Hakeem

Episode four

Ever since the sad incident had occurred, I have been treated like a stranger in the house. Mas’ud hardly talked to me whenever He comes back home and subsequently I have tried all my best to stay away from Aliyah cos I don’t want any misunderstanding to occur between the two of us. I thought I couldn’t keep this for long as it is neccessary I have to apologise to my husband even though I never offended him nor was I the one at fault.

So, I finally fixed a day when Aliyah would not be at home. Good ‘Sundays would be nice.’ Aliyah was not always at home on Sundays, Grandma had told her to always come over so they will make time to talk at my back as Grandma’s maid ‘Biliki has said.

‘Biliki, who is Grandma’s maid had called me on phone one day that they do speak about me each time they were together. Even though I never asked her.

“Hello Grandma, Salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.” I made the tasleem, thinking it was Grandma who was actually on the Landline.

“No, this isn’t Grandma, it is Biliki speaking, aunty Lateefah.”

“Hope everything is okay, Biliki. And how are you doing?”

“Everything is not okay here oo, aunty Lateefah. In fact, not okay at all”.

“What do you mean, I don’t understand you, Biliki?”

“It is because, you do me well that is why I call you oo. If not I will not have called you at all, rárà.”

“Okay, so tell me the reason you had placed a call to me today, since you said nothing is wrong over there.” I asked impatiently.

“Hmm……..It is Grandma and aunty Aliyah ooo.”

“What happened to them……?”

“They always do ‘amebo at your back. Everything that happened in your house, aunty Aliyah always tell Grandma and Grandma will later tell her things to do against you. As I’m speaking, they are together in the shop laughing and talking about you.”

“Is this what you wanted to tell me……. Biliki, is this what you have called me for?”

“Yes, And can you do me a favour, aunty Lateefah?.”

“What’s the favour, I’m all hears…….?”

“Do not tell anyone about it…..about what I told you or else I will be fired. Please, aunty Lateefah.”

“-Okay, I promise that I won’t. And, next time do not call to report on anything. I didn’t ask you to do that. Please, don’t do such again…”

The call ended.


Mas’ud was busy with his laptop when I came to his bedroom. I had knocked for quite some time and since there was no answer, decided to try the door knob. I came closer, and sat next to him, then asked nervously.

“Would you like to take some coffee”. I smiled, “….. Sure, it would help with your reading as well..”

“I don’t think I’m thirsty to take any.” Masud said staring at me. “Thanks.” He said again as he fixed his gaze to his laptop.

I laced my fingers together, then smiled showing partly one of my gap teeth. “How about juice with some snacks to make you enjoy what you are currently doing”. I asked again.

Mas’ud cleared his throat, “Lateefah”.


“I am okay. If I am hungry, I would get up then go look for something out to eat.”

Suddenly, the room seem to smell of nature, of a beautiful scent. I remembered taking the particular Fragrance and colour in London when we had gone shopping…..Memories! I looked away, now facing the reality, “I need to talk to you about something disturbing me. I knew you are angry about what had happened the other day. Okay, it’s all my fault” I told Mas’ud calmy even though I knew it wasn’t my fault. “Will you please forgive me for the wrongdoings, And I promise it won’t repeat itself again.”

Mas’ud looked at me, focused on his laptop again then stared at me “So, you actually did what you admitted not to have done to Aliyah, right?”.

“…. I’m so sorry about that. I promise it won’t repeat itself again.” I squeezed my hands tight.

Do I have to lie to let the sleeping dog be at peace?. When have I become a saint suddenly. Hope, I haven’t tampered with my kind-hearted soul again as Mas’ud do tell me. Back abroad, when I had saved a young girl by putting myself at risk and Mas’ud had confronted me to always say the truth even though it is better. He had called me a saint that day.

“And when did you become so treacherous like this, were you like this before? Please, do tell me, Lateefah. I can’t believe you changed suddenly. It’s quite surprising to me.” His voice came sounding like a raging dog. I couldn’t keep it any longer as I have to tell my husband nothing but the truth.

“Mas’ud…. I swear by Allah, I never hitted her. I didn’t do so. Have you forgotten all about me, don’t you know me again” I said as uncontrollable tears caming pouring from my eyes. “We’ve lived for three good years, and I haven’t behaved like this. Have you stopped trusting me, or have you stopped believing who you married. Don’t you know who you got married to?. I can’t hurt a fly, and you knew that..I can’t do that to your wife. She’s pregnant for you, why will I hit her. Her child is also my child…..Mas’ud please believe me, for the sake of Allah.” I cried bitterly as my voice echoed in the room.

Mas’ud held my hands in his, as he brought me closer to himself. I could feel the warmth in his hands, as he stared into my eyes, “I believe all what you say, Lateefah, and I’m very sorry for overreacting that day. I got angered with what was on ground. Please, do forgive me as well as all other actions you might have seen me done unjustly. I made a vow to love you and never to hurt you….. I’m so sorry, lateefah”.

The conversation had ended beautifully and Mas’ud happily requested for the snacks and the drink as we ate them hungrily together. Later in the evening, Grandma called Mas’ud while we were in the room, she told him Aliyah would be unable to come back that evening till the next day. By the time the conversation ended, Mas’ud made it known to me that Aliyah will sleep over at Grandma’s place.

And, for the first time after Mas’ud got married to Aliyah. Mas’ud and I had a good night sleep. A very special and blissful night together, without interference at night by Aliyah. Or without a knock on the door by her each time at night to complain of one thing or the other, or telling Mas’ud to cook for her or help rub her back and legs like she always requested, even before she got pregnant.

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem

Dear readers, Is Mas’ud just with his actions?

What’s your view on this episode.

Thanks for reading!


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