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Last Call

By Raihanah Bint Abdul Hakeem

Episode five

It was a fine sunday, a day not to forget. It was a day I summoned my bravery and courageous self never to let myself down. I woke up late in the morning after observing my Subhi prayer and had gone back to bed cos I was stressed the previous day. Every week was assigned for us to cook in the house and obviously it was my turn to cook. Immediately, I jumped out of the bed, tied a robe and was in the kitchen to prepare the morning breakfast.

Hastily, I brought out a frying pan to fry the eggs, “You can’t fry those eggs….of course, you met me in the kitchen and should have asked who owns them.” Aliyah said pointing at the eggs.

“Aliyah, I’m sorry if it’s a joke cut off it. I’m not interested. Excuse me…. my husband bought these eggs and he did not assign them to anyone in this house.” I said as I continued with what I was doing. Was I actually blunt with the statement?

I could see her staring at me in an auspicious manner, does that matter? I have learnt to mind my business, “Of course, you can see I’m pregnant. I have my cravings too.” She muttered. “I don’t think I can eat eggs and bread”.

“…. and if you have your cravings, prepare what you can eat. I don’t think I can do that any longer.” I replied her fixing my gaze on what I was doing. “Do you remember the last time you told me this statement, I cooked the food you craved for and I met that in the waste bin…..all my stress, was just a waste. Really, do you take me for a fool? I am a legal wife like you are, and if you think you won’t eat what I am about preparing. Please, go prepare yours….”

I felt relieved as I made my intentions clear to her. Aliyah left the kitchen without saying a word and I continued with the eggs I was preparing. I fried the eggs and kept them in the warmer since Mas’ud had left home for his fitness workout every weekends. An hour and some minutes after I had prepared the eggs, I was back in my room eating bread and scrambled eggs with a novel to read.

The door to the living room screeches violently and I got up to check what was actually going on, “why such noise” I muttered to myself. I was surprised to see Grandma on a setee looking like a woman whose son was taking away without her consent. I made the tasleem but she only waved her hands off without answering it.

“…. I got a call from your co-wife. Please, do tell me. Is it a crime to cook for her. She is pregnant for your husband. Tell me, are you not happy with that? Oh, you don’t want me to have a grandchild, right. Let me tell you something, whatever she says she want, make sure you do it for her. Do you hear me, Lateefah?.” She said frowning, her eyes like that of a warrior.

Then she slowed, looked thoroughly in the living room like an animal who already saw its prey. Aliyah stood by her, rubbing her hands together. I could notice their exchange of glance.

“I’m very sorry, Grandma. It will never work out with me. This is my husband’s house and you can’t expect me to be a slave here. I guess you are taking my humbleness for granted. I’m not a fool.” I swallowed the saliva stucked in my throat, looking at the duo. Paused a moment, then motioned to continue “…….I, Lateefah Abimbola will never cook for Aliyah in regards to whatever she craves for. If she can’t eat what I cook for the whole house. It would however be nice, if she does cook it herself. And, if she can’t cook herself. She has a husband right, yes let him cook for her.”

Grandma frowned.

“Ah! Ahh!” She stood up and adjusted her loose wrapper. “Lateefah, do you mean I can’t talk to you again. So, I can’t tell you something for you to agree with me and obey it.” She clapped her hands together.” …..what arrant nonsense.”

There was nothing to say again as I excused myself from the living room to continue with what has just been interrupted by the duo. Hardly, have I entered the bedroom when I heard Grandma raising her voice at Aliyah in the living room.

Grandma stared at Aliyah furiously, “So, you mean you cannot cook yourself abi. I don’t think you are hungry enough. If you are hungry, you will go into the kitchen to get yourself what to eat. Look at what you make me witness. It’s not your fault.”.

“…….but Grandma. You are meant to tell her to help with the cooking….” Aliyah replied as she was unable to complete her statement.

Grandma gave a hiss, stood up grumbly, grabbed her bags and left the house annoyingly. Thirty minutes later, I was back in the room reading the novel when I heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was Mas’ud, hurriedly I opened the door only to find Aliyah at the door. “What does she want”. I muttered in my mind as I stared at her without speaking first.

“… Sister Lateefah…”

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem

Dear readers, what do you think of Lateefah’s action? Was her actions right?

What do you think Aliyah is about to say?


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