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Last Call

By Raihanah Bint Abdul Hakeem

Episode Six

“….Sister Lateefah, I…… I’m so sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you in this house so far. Will you please forgive me. I knew I have done some things which I ought not to have done.” She made her intentions clear as she tucked her hands around her clothes. Her voice seems calm like never before.

“OK, it’s not a problem. But, really you took me as a rival which is not meant to be so. We are sisters in Islam and we should live in peace and not in pieces. Well, that’s okay. You are forgiven after all I never have you in mind. You just have to change your character for good and all will be fine by me.”.

In a last sisters’ meeting I had attended, different issues about marital life and mathno- related issues have been discussed. Immediately some ideas popped into my mind, “Have you eaten or will you take some bread in the fridge with a little of my eggs?” I asked smiling.

“Yes, Please I would be glad cos I’m very hungry”

“…..and it would never be good for our baby. Mas’ud baby must eat at will” I said pointing at her protruding stomach, “or else you will be queried by him” I interrupted smiling and we both laughed together.

The conversation ended beautifully, I gladly handed a part of my eggs to her and some little bread in the fridge. She ate the food happily and for the first time after some while, she thanked me wholeheartedly for the sumptuous breakfast. Later in the day, we watched some television programmes together and she left for her room to sleep.

Mas’ud came back home shortly, ate his food and took some rest. By the time he woke up, he was surprised to see us doing perfectly good and he pulled our legs and made some jokes. Weekly cooking was cancelled as anyone can cook in the house henceforth. Day by day, weeks by weeks and months by months, Aliyah and I became closer than ever before. We were not seen as co-wives but sisters, Mas’ud was also happy with the changes in us as he bought us things in common without leaving the other person out.

Just some days ago when I had requested for him buying me some toiletries, he had bought for Aliyah also, and when Aliyah had requested him buying her some bags and shoes, he bought mine too even when I don’t need them or even asked for them.

Moreover, Grandma hardly come to our house as there was no complaint by Aliyah to her any longer. She, however doesn’t interfere with us as Aliyah never reported me to her or even talk about me to her, Aliyah also stopped going to her place every Sunday like she does before.

It was on a Sunday when everyone was at home, Mas’ud was watching a television programme in the living room while I was in the kitchen getting ready to prepare lunch. I haven’t started cooking when a sharp cry was heard across the veranda. Hurriedly, Mas’ud and I rushed to the scene of the loud cry only to find Aliyah wriggling in pain.

“….. My water broke…..ouch.” She cried putting a hand to her back.

“Get the car keys and her luggage’s quickly.” Mas’ud ordered, his voice all with action, like a soldier on a warfront.

“Okay… In a moment.” I replied as I ran into the house to bring all he had requested for.

The hospital was a forty-five minutes drive from home and within thirty minutes we arrived the hospital as Mas’ud sped all the way and since there was no traffic, the road was smooth.

The nurses at the hospital attended to Aliyah as she was rushed into the delivery room while Mas’ud and I waited in the waiting room. Hours seemed like years as Mas’ud kept walking, standing and sitting in the waiting room. It’s two hours gone and Mas’ud stood impatiently to meet with the nurse at the counter.

“What’s wrong, we’ve not heard any report from the doctor?” He queried.

“Calm down, sir… Your wife would be fine.” The nurse in a white uniform said with a consoling voice.

Mas’ud came back shortly to have his seat while I encouraged him to be brave, “Aliyah would be fine by Allāh’s will!” I muttered as I held his hands firm in mine. “Inshā Allah, Lateefah. Thanks.” He replied back.
The door opened flagrantly and the doctor came out all dressed in a blue clothing. He removed the hand gloves in his hands and came forward to where we sat as we stood up hastily to hear him out.

“Mr Mas’ud…..” The doctor coughed. Then, he said staring at us.”….Your baby is in a bottom-down, or breech position. I’m sorry it’s unable for her to give birth on her own. We are to carry out a Caesarian section immediately.”

“Caesarian section…..” Mas’ud left his mouth wide agape.

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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