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Islamic story – The scar in my heart 


(Part 12)
The Lady responded to his call. Assalamualeikum,said Aminatu. Waaleikumsalam, Hassan replied.
Mr,please do I know you?she asked. Not really,he replied. But,you called my name,she said. Yes I did,am sorry,I took you to be someone else,he said. Its ok,it happens all the time,she said smiling. You smile beautifully,he commented. Shukran,she said. You are the first man saying this to me,she added.  salam,then if am the first man,it means other men dont have eyes,he said. 
Aisha sighted her brother,he was smiling,she remembered him smiling this way,those days he was talking to Ameerah. I dont know how he smiled when he thought of Aminatu, I would have loved to compare it,Aisha said to herself. Aisha all alone in her thought. 
Assalamualeikum, A young man said to Aisha. Waaleikumsalam,she replied. Please may I talk to you for a while,the man requested. Sure,please sit down,she offered. My name is Aliyu,he said. I work with Dangote and am a bachelor,he said.
My name is Aisha,I just finished my studies,waiting for my result,she said. Mallama Aisha,he called. I have been watching you since I came to this lunch gathering, my heart needs you,I am asking you to please  grant me the permission of seeing your parents and siblings,he requested. You are welcome,she said. They exchanged contact and Aliyu seem happy.
Ameerah sighted hassan,she was so happy,he was smiling again.
Hassan requested for Aminatu’s contact and he gave it to her,they bid salam to each other.
After the lunch gathering,everyone went home,Aisha and Hassan wished Ameerah the best life can offered and she was happy.
At home,Aisha met her brother and told him about Aliyu,her brother told her to invite him. She did.
Aliyu visited the house of Aisha with few friends and relative. He told them,he loves and want to marry their daughter,he is seeking for their permission and blessings. Aisha’s parents ask her if they should grant him the permission and she nod her head shyly. Everyone was happy.
*Few weeks has passed*
Hassan was getting acquainted with Aminatu,he was finding comfort in her,he was developing feelings for her and so was she.
Oneday,he visited her at home and he told her he would like to marry her,she was happy and she agreed. Her parents gave their blessing.
Hassan told Aisha about it and she suggested they fit their wedding on the same day,hassan agreed and the wedding date was fixed.
*The wedding day*

After the wedding fatiha. A little lunch gathering was organised.

During the lunch gathering,a beautiful young woman walked in…….. 

Stay tune for the final episode tonight 
Inshaa Allah.


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