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Islamic story – The scar in my heart 


Final episode 
With Nikab,She came in with lots of helpers,she was in royalty. Everyone was looking with surprise. Who could she be!was the question on people’s lips. Everyone was staring at her as she walked towards Hassan and Aisha. 
Assalamualeikum,she said. I am so happy for you,she added. Waaleikumsalam,they replied. Who are you?asked Aisha. Am a well wisher. You have brought lots of smiles in my life. I can’t pay you back,I pray both of you find peace in your life,Ameen.
I have some few gifts for you,said the strange lady. She handed dozen of boxes to Aminatu,Hassan’s bride. You brought  smiles to his face,thank you,she said.
She handed another dozen of boxes to Aisha,with two keys,one for a house and another for a car. I cant pay you back for your love and care,this is my gift to you. To hassan, Thank you so much,you were a brother and a father to me,thank you.

To you Hussain… She was about to complete her sentence,when Aisha hugged her and said Ameerah,is it you?. And the lady opened her Nikab and it turns out to be Ameerah. Yes,its me.
I didn’t know salim was a prince,his parents accepted me and showered me with lots of love and care,they made me royalty and it all thanks to Allah(s w t). My gifts to you are too small,I will always pray for your happiness,she said. 
Oh  Ameerah! Aisha said in tears,jazakillahukhairan. Waa iyaa ki. she replied 
Everyone watched as the ladies embrace each other in smile and tears. 
Salim shook hassan and embrace him and he said,may Allah(s w t) reward you abundantly for the love you and Aisha showed to Ameerah.
After much happy moment. Aisha was taken to her matrimonial home so was Aminatu. She didn’t stay in hassan’s family house,she was taken to the house Hassan built for himself. (The house Ameerah used to stay at).
Aminatu sat on the bed waiting for her groom.

Hassan walked in.

They gave *Shukr*to Allah(s w t) for a peaceful wedding. Hassan held her hand and he said; I was once in love with a lady called Aminatu,when another man married her,I was sad. The truth is;ever since I met you,I find comfort in my heart,Oh Allah,shukran for blessing me with Aminatu,the first Aminatu left a scar in my heart,but,you blessed me with another,who has erased THE SCAR IN MY HEART.
Oh Allah(s w t) you are the forgiver,please forgive me and my readers.(Ameen).


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