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Islamic story – The scar in my heart 


(Part 6)
She opened the door,only to find Ameerah crying,why are you in tears again?

What has my brother done,asked Aisha.
He has done the end,he has divorced me,said Ameerah.

Alhamdulillah,said Aisha.

How can you say that,why are you smiling?asked Ameerah.

Because,I  am happy for you,he has set you free,I am so happy,you dont have to suffer anymore,I believe that,Allah(s w t) will bless you with a better man,said Aisha.

How can you say all this,I am not happy,I am an orphan or have you forgotten,where will i go to,where do i start from?asked Ameerah.

Start with your faith in Allah(s w t). Is it because you are an Orphan,that made you tolerated by brother’s brutality?asked Aisha. Ameerah please be happy,added Aisha. 
He said I should leave the house before he returns,where do i go to,I have no place to go said Ameerah. Dont worry,said Aisha.
Aisha dialed hassan contact and asked him to come home immediately. 

In an hours time,hassan was home.
What’s going on?is Ameerah alright,asked Hassan. She is very fine,in fact  Hussain has divorced her,said Aisha.

Subahanallah,how can he do that,did you tell him you lost your child,he didn’t give me the chance to,said Ameerah.

 Hassan,he said she should leave before he returns and she has no where to go,said Aisha. That’s not a problem,she can make use of my apartment,after all am not making use of it yet,I built it to move in with my wife,but since am not yet married,she can make use of it,said Hassan.

Help her get her things ready,said Hassan.

Ameerah was so surprised and happy. She had no family but she found family in Aisha and Hassan. 
When Aisha had finished getting her things,they accompanied her to bid goodbye to her in-laws,which she did.
Aisha bid Ameerah goodbye in tears,both ladies hugged each other in tears. You have no idea how happy i am for you,said Aisha. Although,Hussain is my brother, but,his brutality towards you was unbearably for me as a woman,I wish you the best of happiness,Aisha added.
Thank you so much for your love and care,please come visit me,said Ameerah.
Ameerah got into the car and hassan zoomed off.
*At the apartment of hassan*
They said salam before entering the house.
You can be staying here for now,I will get you a job and there are some food stuffs in the kitchen,inn shaa Allah I will come check on you when i can,said Hassan.
Ameerah put her head down,she was in tears. Why the tears?asked hassan.
Nothing,I am so happy I have people like you and Aisha in my life,may Allah(s w t) reward you abundantly,Ameen they both said.
Alright,I have to run,take care of you,bye.
*Later that same day*
Hussain was in his room. Hassan greeted in salam and he came in. Husssian!he called,how was work today?he asked. It was fine,he replied. Alhamdulillah, said Hassan.
Hussain,why were you so wicked to Ameerah,is it because she is an orphan?asked Hassan. I have no answer to your question replied Hussain. Now that you have divorced her,do you feel happy?asked Hassan. I have no answer to your question,said Hussain. You will regret this Hussain,hassan said and left.
Hussain’s mother came in.  Are you in your right mind,how dare you divorce your wife?asked his mother. I thought it was what you wanted,you complain about her a lot,you said she does this and that to you,you said she doesn’t even serve you your meals at times,said Hussain. I couldn’t watch a woman maltreat my mother,so I dealt with her each time you complain about her,added Hussain.

Hmm!his mother sighed softly,I just didn’t want you drifting away from us because of your wife,so I told all those lies, I said mother.
Innalillahi wainaillahi raji’u,said Hussain. What have you made me do,do you know that,Ameerah was with my child,said Hussain. All this while I dealt with her over your lies,how could you mother,how could you do that,saidHussain.
How could she not do that when all you do is listen to her,do you even know that she lost her child due to your brutality,what kind of man hits his wife over some silly complain?Asked Aisha. 

Well, its too late am happy she has gone,said Aisha.
Hussain sat on the floor,what could he do,he couldn’t amend his mistake.
*Two weeks later*…
Stay tune for Part 7


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