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Islamic story – The scar in my heart 


(Part 2)
Yusrah said to Ameerah,pleas can i have a glass of water? What! Exclaimed Aisha. Why are you asking her such question,is your hand off?she asked yusrah. Aisha!I wasn’t talking to you,said yusrah. I know you weren’t talking to me,you were talking to her,is she your slave,just a glass of water you can’t get it yourself?
Ameerah couldn’t say anything,she got up,headed to the fridge and poured some water in a glass,she handed it to Yusrah and she left,warning Aisha to mind her words.
 Ameerah,what is wrong with you,why do you keep quiet?asked Aisha. What can i say,in this house only you and Hassan treat me like a sister,others treat me like a wife and a daughter in-law. When a daughter in-law is married into a home,she has nothing to say to her in-laws even if she is skinned with an iron,said Ameerah. Besides,when my husband himself thinks all works at home are my responsibility,what 

Can i say,she added.
Am sorry Ameerah,pleas forgive my family members,pleaded Aisha. I pray you dont leave my brother some day,if you do,he will die temporary,Aisha added.
*later that evening*

Aisha went to  Hassan to have some talk with him.
She greeted in the proper Islamic way and he replied her. Hassan,if you ain’t busy,may i pleas come in?she asked. Of course,you may,silly girl,since when did you start this politeness of yours,he said smiling.
How was your day,she asked? It was peaceful dear,Alhamdulillah. 

And yours?how are you? He asked her. I am fine,she replied. Maa shaa Allah. So,why are you here? He asked. 
Hmm!she gave a heavy sign. Why such signing,hope all is well? He asked in a worried tune. All well Hassan,just that  Ameerah is not happy,she said. How do you know that,he asked her? I saw her crying this morning and she poured out her heart to me. Hassan!she is a wife in this house and not a maid,yet she does all the work,look at the way she dresses,a married woman is suppose to look beautiful but her case is different,complained Aisha. Has she tried talking to her husband,she said she has,but,he said;she is a wife in this house and its her responsibility to all the chores at home,said Aisha.
How could Hussain say such to his wife,I will have a talk with him,”inn shaa Allah”,Hassan assured her. She thanked him and went to her room happily.
*After salatuh isha’i*
Hassan and Hussain, were busy charting,their twin bond was so  strong.

That reminds me,Hassan chips in. I noticed that Ameerah doesn’t smile these days,said Hassan.
Why would you say such?he asked his brother. Its based on my observation and aside that,she does all the chores at home,why don’t you let our siblings know that,your wife is not their slave,is it because,you are still in the family house, even at that,she is not to do all the chores at home,she is your wife and not our maid,at least she can do the work of mother and father but not that of our siblings,Hassan added.
But,am not complaining said Hussain. What do you mean by that?asked Hassan. I mean,she is a wife and its the duty of a daughter in-law to work in the home of her in-laws,said Hussain.
Hmm!Hassan gave a soft sign at his statement.

Oneday,you would look for her,you won’t find her,their can be two people who look alike,but, they can’t have the same character. A word is enough for the wise,said Hassan.
I am off to my room,he added. As Hassan left,Hussain,headed for his room. 
When he entered their room,Ameerah was washing herself. When she came out,he gave her a hard slap on her cheek…
Stay tune for part 3


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