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(a late marriage)part 12
I was so suprised to see who the groom was, it was yusuf and two
other brothers, they introduced themselves. While I was sitting
close to my grandpa, he was even suprised to see me I noticed he
couldn’t stop staring.
when they left I told my grandpa that they wont come back again,
he asked why? I told him I knew Yusuf way back in school, he once
asked me to marry him but I asked him to wait still I was through
with school since dad didn’t want me to marry while I was still in
school, Yusuf coudnt wait thats why he left.
Grandpa asked me if I still had feelings for him I told him I dont
know if I did but he was among the past I dont want to remember.
The proposal was cancelled,
I thought about how I beg him to stay but he didn’t. My dad asked
me how everything went, i told him all about it he told me I
shouldn’t have cancelled his proposal that I would have prayed
about it before i made a decision, I told him marrying Yusuf will not
be good for me because he wasn’t the type of person I would love
to be with and he wasn’t even close to my imagination, I just felt he
should be left in my past.
One Monday at work my boss called me to his office he told me he
has been, wanting to tell me something for sometime now but he
didn’t know how to go about it, I told him to say what he wanted to
say as long as it wasn’t something bad.
He told me he would love to marry me, he said he has noticed that I
was a very friendly,religious and nice lady, he said he would give
me time to think about it . I couldn’t say anything I went mute
because I was so supprised, through out that day I tried to aviod
When I got home I received a call from Abdul salaam he told me he
has been given a job and his boss gave him my number so he
could call me and thank me for the favour.
when He end the call I thought about him I wished I could ask him
to marry me but I was too shy to tell him I liked him. I called my
sister and told her about my boss proposal, I told her I dont like my
boss enough to marry him and I dont feel like accepting his
proposal, the only person I liked right now was Abdul salaam but
he doesn’t know I have feelings for him.
She told me sometimes our desires my not be the best for us that
all I need to do now is to pray about it and also do *Istikharah*,
she said we dont always get what we want in life because they
might not be the best for us, that is why we need to seek Allah’s
counsel in all Affairs, so he could choose the best for us.
I knew she was right but I just couldn’t figure out why all this was
happening so I decided to pray about everything because deep
inside my heart am thinking about proposing to Abdul salaam
since there was nothing wrong With that religiously (Islam).

To be continued in shaa Allaah.
May Allaah keep granting all muslims hidayah.


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