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(an arranged marriage) final part
The day of the Nikkah came faster than expected that morning
wasn’t so pleasant for me because of the different thoughts that
ran through my head suddenly my mum came into my room and
she talked about a couple of things and left.
The things she told me made me cried I felt like I dont want to live
her yet, am going to miss her cooking and alot of other things
when she left my dad came in and gave me some advice. We
talked for a while before I started crying again. I just couldn’t figure
out why I cried so hard on the day of my nikkah when am
supposed to be happy and not sad but my emotions got the better
side of me.
My sister helped me with the makeup and other things i looked so
beautiful yet so nervous.
During the nikkah Yusuf told me I looked so beautiful I pretended
as if I didn’t hear what he said, after the Nikkah i bided fair well to
my parents then a limo came to take me to Yusuf family’s house at
West Hampton when we arrived Yusuf took me to his room, after
praying two *Rakats* of salat with Yusuf he asked me to change
into anything I was comfortable with We had few conversations
about the dress I was wearing he told me I looked great in black,
Yusuf and I discovered the key to communication that night It was
in a smile. I think those words were enough for me
to be left cupid-struck, because the man
in front of me, my husband had made
all my fears disappear in the first night
itself. He lived up to the vows and that made me feel something
more for him. I was glad it was not going to be his journey but ours
9 years after my marriage I and Yusuf had five kids together during
my 6th pregnancy I had so many issues with my body after
delivering safely. A year later I was diagnosed with cancer and I
didn’t discover this on time still when my hair started pulling, when
the doctor told me that there was a tumor growing in my womb i
felt so bad since it has caused alot of damages and the womb
needed to be removed after the operation I was so happy because
if I didn’t get married at the age I did I wouldn’t have been able to
give birth to so many kids at the age of twenty five that was what
inspired me to write about this whole story.
All thanks and praises belong to Almight Allaah.
Am very happy with my life for now even if I might not be able to
give birth again.
Getting married at an early age of eighteen did me alot of favours.
Early marriage is very important in life when you find the right
person marry and dont delay because you dont known what the
future holds for you.
Anything written of good from me is due to Allaah’s guidance and
any errors is due to my own mistakes.
May Allaah keep granting guidance to all Muslims.

Insha Allah Tomorrow we ll bring on another interesting and educative story titled WHEN I FELL IN LOVE

Thanks for reading. Mo a Salam


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