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(A late marriage) part 3
…….Suggested I should go back to school to obtain my *masters*
in law when I was through he made me worked at his law firm
during the time I worked for him I won many cases in the law court
and he was so happy that period with the improvement of his law
firm. seeing him happy made me felt for once I have been able to
please him, I never knew time was passing by and running in a
race I couldn’t catch up with one day when I went out for shopping
I saw an old friend of my and she told me her daughter was getting
married that she came to the mall to get her a wedding dress I was
so supprised so I decided to ask her how old is your daughter then
she told me her daughter was eighteen years old, she gave me the
wedding invitation and told me to come with my husband and kids
I couldn’t tell her I was unmarried. when she left I thought about
my life and her words left me cupid- struck I couldn’t Move my legs
due to the shock I found my self at that moment I decided to count
my years then I noticed I was already 35 and still unmarried,
immediately after I bided her farewell I went back to my car trying
to drive my self back home but I couldn’t start the car due to the
chills I felt inside my body. I took a look at my face at the side
mirror then I knew age wasn’t on my side when I got home that
day I went inside my bath tub and cried my self to sleep,that night
I couldn’t eat I felt like I have wasted my life trying to please my
dad and it has lead to my doom.

To be continued in shaa Allaah
This is a true life story with little varries in words and location.
May Allaah keep granting all muslims hidayah


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