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JOURNEY TO NIKKAH(A late marriage) part4

*******that was when I started experiencing depression I thought
about all the bad things I did while i was in school especially the
haram relationships I got myself involved in just because I couldn’t
wait till I finish school before I got married, I wished I did the same
thing my sister did because I had alot of proposals for marriage
but I turned them down saying my dad wont allow me to marry
while am not through with school, the first time I started dating my
boyfriend told me he will marry me when we were both through
with school but we ended the relationship after school due to some
indifference we had our relationship started in the school and
ended in the school it didn’t go beyond that, the worst part of all
these is when i turned down Yusuf proposal. I met Yusuf when I
was in 400 level he told me he liked me and That he will love to
marry me since he didn’t came to date me I told him to wait till I
was through with school because I knew my dad wouldn’t allow
him to marry me since am still in school. Basically all my dad
talked about when am with him is that I shouldn’t allow any man
to deceive me telling me he wants to marry me because once I get
to his house without a proper education he wont value me because
all men liked women who wont become liabilities to them he also
said law was not a profession to combine with marriage he further
said I shouldn’t worry my self that once am through with school
different types of good men will come to sought for my hand in
marriage because every man likes a successive woman who wont
bother them( e.g give me money to buy this and that ) instead they
prefer the one that is comfortable that can handle their homes and
lend assistance whenever they needed assistance.
Now am wondering in misery regreting why I listened to him my
life routine is pretty much boring these days all I do every day is to
eat,go to work,eat after work,pray and goto bed and sleep.
Saturdays and Sundays were the worst days of my life they
increase me in depression and when ever am depressed I eat and
sleep but Mondays to Fridays were a little bit favourable because I
basically work throughout those days so i was depression free,
working myself off helped me alot it stops me from thinking about
my miserable life routine.

To be continued in shaa Allaah
This a true life story with varries in word and location
May Allaah grant all muslims hidayah.


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