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( a late marriage) part 6

After Asr salat I decided to take a public transportation home but I
couldn’t found any because of the heavy rain and storm, I was so
cold and I started shivering looking for who to help me with my car
I couldn’t find any body so i went inside the car and on the heater
to help reduce the cold. In the process of waiting to get warm I
slept off after some time I heard someone knocking the glass on
the door then I opened my eyes and rolled down the glass to know
who was knocking then he said *ASSALAMU ALAIKUM* madam I
have been looking at you from the masjid and it seems you need
help then I replied his greetings and told him yes I needed help so
he decided to help me fix the car. When he was fixing the car i
stood close to him and watched what he was Doing then I started
shivering again then he asked me if I was cold I told him yes then
he told me to wait for him that he will be back in a minute when he
came back he brought an hijab and a cup of hot tea with him, I
thanked him and went inside the car to put on the hijab while I
drank the tea. After drinking it I slept off again after some time he
knocked and greeted, This time around he was done with the
repairs and I was cold free so he asked me to start the car when I
did the car was okay and better. I thanked him and asked him if he
was a mechanic then he said no but he read mechanical
engineering in school so he is pretty much good with cars and
other machineries then I asked him if he had a job he said no, so I
told him to bring his curriculum vitae since I knew someone who
could employ him he thanked me and started praying for me the
last part of the prayer made me smiled he said may Allaah grant
you the best of this life and hereafter then I said *Aameen* when
he brought his C . V I collected it from him and went back to the
masjid to pray maghrib after the salat, the imam started preaching
about late marriage then the rain started again and this time it was
even heavier than before, then i sat back in order to listen to what
he was saying,He said the prophet (S.A.W) said…………….
To be continued in shaa Allaah
May Allaah keep granting all Muslims hidayah
This is a true life story with little varies in words and location


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