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(A late marriage) part 7

The prophet (S.A.W) said whosoever take care of three female
very well and then he marries them out Allaah will grant the person
(parents) Jannah
Then he said why is it that the parents of nowadays allow their
children to keep boyfriends and girlfriends saying they are not
ready for marriage, he said the top sins that is most practice this
days is *Zinna* that some parents are the major cause for this
because they have forbid the halal for their children because the
children dont want to disobey them they do the harram in order to
full fill their desires, some parents wont allow their children to
marry once their children are of a marriage able age instead they
will start imposing laws that they must finish their education before
they get married and in turn they made zinna halal for their
Children, when the children are through with their education they
wont find suitors on time because they have abused marriage and
in turn marriage in now abusing them he further said the prophet
(S.A.W) some people dont want Jannah in the following hadith
which says
“” All my ummah will enter Jannah except those that dont want it
then his companions said Ya Rasululillah who are those that wont
want to enter Jannah then he said those that follow my teachings
will enter Jannah and those who don’t follow my teachings are
those who dont want Jannah ( sahih Bukhari ) he said islam has
preached about the importance of early marriage but some people
dont want to follow this principle because of some reasons which
they may regret later, he said *OH parents protect yourself from
Jahanam* he further said that nobody should disobey the
CREATURE* he said Allaah (S.W.T) said you shouldn’t obey your
parents when they want to lead you astray, all the things he said
were thought provoking. I thought about how I have been
disobeying the creator just because I want to please the creature,
then he stoped preaching and the call for insha’i salat was
announced, all what he said made me cried I couldn’t just stop my
self from crying after praying I went inside my car and drove home.
When I got home I packed all my belongings into my bag while I
put them in the trunk of my car every where was becoming
suffocating for me I couldn’t stop my self from crying when I ever I
thought about all I did just to make my dad love me. After packing
my belongings I wrote a note and i put it in my dad study including
my law certificate and licence this is what I wrote on the Note
“”Thank you for ruining my life sharing the same roof with you
makes me sick, thanks for not showing me love right from the time
I was a kid lastly thanks for turning me into your worst nightmare
enjoy your life as you ruined mine because I have realised how
stupid I have been trying to please you I left the key of the car you
bought for me at your study, hope you enjoy your life as you ruined
To be continued in shaa Allaah
May Allah keep granting all muslims hidayah
this is a true life story with little varies in words and location.


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