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(A late marriage) part 8

I left my dad’s house and went to my grandparents, seemed
grandpa has been waiting for me, so happy he was to see me, we
hugged each other warmly, it’s long time we saw each other last.
After I had settled in, he asked me the reason for my unannounced
visit since it’s been long i visited him last, I couldn’t tell him all that
transpire between my dad and myself, so I just told him I was tired
of staying in my father’s house and just felt the need to change my
When I resumed at my new job, I felt a new change in me, I could
see the place was so nicely set up, the environment and working
condition are far better than my previous work place. My boss was
also a very good religious man, whenever the call for Athan was
made he would ordered all Muslim in the office to go and pray.
Three weeks after I left my father’s house, He calls my phone
severally but I didn’t pick any of his calls. But soon after he hung
up his call, my sister called and I picked hers, she asked me to
Return home, that dad was missing me, she talked about how
worried he has been for not having me around him, I replied her
that if dad is truly missing me like she said, he would have called
me earlier when the issue that sent me out of his home was
burning, it has been three weeks since I left home and I didn’t hear
anything from him until now,so if not for an ominous reason, why
now? I questioned. She gave me some sermons that it wasn’t good
for me to ignore him as it might affect his health. I couldn’t listen
anymore to her preaching so i told her not to call me again,
especially if all she wants to talk about was our dad. I reminded
her how she also abandoned me when I needed her most, how she
only enjoyed everything from our father while she knew he was not
treating me the same way he treated her. I couldn’t listen to her
anymore so I hung up on her. After that scenario, I called my dad’s
phone and told him to stop pretending he cares about me because I
knew he didn’t, he told me to come back home that he needs and
still loves me, “no matter what I might have done wrong”, I was so
upset by that last sentence and I asked him if I had ever done
anything wrong to him to deserve his I’ll treatment I got from him
despite my been loyal and obedient to him, so all I knew was that
he never liked me, even much as I tried as possible to please him,
all at the expense of my happiness and wellbeing. I asked him
what my crime actually was to deserved been denied his fatherly
love, he went mute and couldn’t utter a word, I told him not to call
me again because the daughter he thought he had has moved on,
so I hung up the phone. I felt much voracious hanger burning in
me, I couldn’t sleep throughout the night sorry for everything he n.


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