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My name is Nimaah we are only two in the family my sister’s
name is Eman my mum died when she was giving birth to me my
dad remarried when I was fifteen, the most important knowledge in
the sight of my dad was western education so he made sure we
attended the best schools. My dad loved my sister alot because
she looked like my mum he never showed me love the way did to
her when my elder sister was in her second year in the university
then I was still in high school my father’s friend and his son came
to our house and told my dad that he would love if my father gave
my sister’s hand in marriage to his son that his son has already
asked my sister about it and my sister said he should go and meet
his father if he is really serious thats why they came to see my
dad, well my dad rejected thier request saying his Daughter is not
ready for marriage yet untill she is through with her education they
pretty much took that as a no and they never came back many
people came to sought for my sister’s hand in marriage but my
dad always had a perfect excuse for chasing them away the last
one that came when my sister was in her 4th year in the university
his name was Habib my dad told him to wait for my sister if he
really liked. that evening I saw her crying when I asked her why
she was crying she told me our dad said she has to finish her
education before marriage because its very important for her to
seek knowledge so that she wont become a liability to any man I
felt sorry for her,she refused to eat that night and she locked her
self in her room for two days after her mourning period my sister
told my dad the next day that she was pregnant that’s why she
wanted to get married my dad face Turned red he was so angry at
her for what she did, to aviod the plague and disgrace to the
family’s name my dad got her married immediately before the
baby bump starts showing (this is a common practice among
Africans) after the nikkah my sister told my dad she wasn’t
pregnant that she only said she was because she knew my dad
was going to grant her request once she said she was pregnant.
My dad felt my sister played with his intelligence so he told her not
to ever ask him for favours then he disowned her. That night my
dad called me and told me not to ever this obey him so I told him I
wont in fear, am pretty much scared of my dad when he is angry
because of the way he reacts. Always thought about what he did to
me when I was very little, I broke his mug which he used in drinking
tea because of that he tied my hands and locked me in our
basement which was very dark I cried that day due to how scared I
was when…………………….

To be continued in shaa Allaah.
May Allaah grant all muslims hidayah.
This is a true life story with little varries in words and location


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