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(Part 2)
“Few minutes after the programme”
How can a man be this jealous of his wife and again he is
temperamental,not so good,Khalid uttered.
Khadijah sat quietly looking at him pouring out his anger towards
the actor’s action.
Out of anger he is asking his wife for a divorce,what kind of
jealousy is that,Khalid added. Am happy you notice that, so much
jealousy is disastrous,I hope you can reduce yours,said khadijah.
“He looked at her surprisedly”and he said;I am jealous because am
scared of you leaving me,said Khalid. I have no intention of
leaving you,if the thought of leaving you someday would come to
my mind,i would not have accepted your proposal,she said to him.
And i pray that you dont leave me someday,he added. I won’t ” inn
shaa Allah”,she said.
“The next day been Saturday”.
Khadijah did the house chores as usual,made break fast for her
husband and took care of him during the day”.
You have taken care of me today as usual,I am always happy
during the weekends,because it will always be you and i alone. My
friends always tell ask me to join them for weekend funs despite
having their wives at home,I wonder why they can’t see the honey
in spending time with one’s spouse.
” I will give you a surprise package today”he said to her. At first
you have to wear this dress i bought for you,he said to her.
Subahanallah!!! Its so beautiful,I love it so much,she said. “She
peeked him and showed him more appreciation”.
She went in to dress herself up.
While she was away,Khalid took his time to decorate the sitting
room” he made it as a form of a picnic background. He brought out
all the fruits,sweets,roasted chicken and juice he bought,he
arranged them on the mat he spread on the floor. He wrote lots of
love notes for her and he went to wear her favorite colored cloth.
“Khadijah was still in her room,trying to look her best for him while
he had finished dressing and was waiting for her by the door”.
” when she was through,she came out and she saw him by the
You look so beautiful,he said. Thank you,she said bashfully. Where
is your necklace he? asked her. Oh!I was finding it difficult to
wear,so i didn’t border wearing it,she said.
Let me help you to put it on. He put the necklace around her neck
and he did it romantically.
Are you ready for my surprise?he asked. Yes!I am,she replied. He
held her hand and led her to the sitting room.
“Subahanallah!!! She was so touched on the beautification she
saw,its so beautiful,she said. Do you like it?she asked. I love it,she
” they were enjoying the fruits and all other items Khalid bought”.
“Khadijah!he called. Na’am!she replied. I want to show my sincere
appreciation to you,I dont know how to do it,so i thought of
organising this for you.
You have loved and cared for me,you have sort my anger,you have
helped wipe away my tears,you understood my stressed moment
and you appreciated me,jazakillahukhairan for that,he said.
Habee nah! I am your wife,its your right over me,loving you,caring
for you is what i truly feel for you, she said. I will love you forever
because my love for you has no condition,she added.
” He brought out the notes,he had written for her,they were seven
pieces of papers,he handed them over to her one by each”…….
“Not yet edited”
So much love blooming in the life of Khalid and Khadijah,what will
khalid’s mistake be. Keep following the story to find out.
More to come your way “inn shaa Allah”.
Written by Aisha Baba.


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