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(part 11)
You made me feel as if i was worthless but Allah(s w t) has proven
me wrong. Allah(s w t)has shown me his greatness.
Khalid for once i never thought you could do this to me,I didn’t
even imagine it,but you did. She was crying loudly while she was
speaking. I am hurt Khalid,so hurt that i dont even know if i can
forgive you,she added.
Khadijah i was wrong,I hurt you,I know that,I gave you more
wounds Instead of me to help you heal the previous ones you had.
Pleas forgive me,I beg you,pleaded Khalid.
I am so much sleepy,can we pleas talk tomorrow,she said to him.
That’s ok,he said and left. As Khalid left she said to herself. Khalid
hurt me a lot,I dont know if i can ever forget what he did to me,she
said to herself as she sob softly.
Khalid in his room.
I have hurt khadijah,i have made a mistake,I should never have left
her when she needed me the most,she has never for once made
me feel sad nor upset with her,I pray she forgives me ,Khalid said
to himself and he sob softly.
*The next day*
Khadijah prepared breakfast and kept it on the table for Khalid with
a note.
He came out of his room and perceived the sweet smell of
khadijah’s food. He went to the sitting room but he couldn’t find
her,he opened the food and he saw a note beside his meal,he
opened the note and it read;
Peace and happiness
is my prayer for you this day and forever.
I pray that you are always happy because your happiness gives my
heart content.
He smiled to himself after reading the note and he went to her
room. He greeted her and she responded to his greetings,he asked
her, have you forgiven me?and she replied;No Khalid,I haven’t
forgiven you,I dont think i can forgive you for now,pleas leave my
Khalid was sitting in his living room when khairat came and said
she wants to visit her parents and she would be spending a week
with them,he agreed and let her go,after all him and khadijah will
have the house to themselves for a week. Khairat left and Khalid
came up with a plan on how to impress khadijah. He decorated the
house the way he did the first time,he wrote a note to her asking
her to look her best and she complied. When it was evening, after
isha’i prayer she came out as he requested,she sat on the mat and
he handed her all the fruits he bought one by each. She ate some
Khalid cleared his throat and with a smile on his face he said;My
love,my queen,my beloved baby. Pleas forgive me but khadijah
didn’t say anything. I wrote this notes to express how sorry and
ashamed i am. He handed her the first note and it reads;
Words can’t express how sorry i am,I know i have made a big
mistake,I am sorry,pleas forgive me. Their was no reaction on
khadijah’s face.
He gave her the second note and it read;
For the first time in my life,I wish i had a time machine,so I could
turn back to the days i hurt and replace your pain with happiness.
Still,no reaction from khadijah.
He gave her the third note and it read;
Khadi nah!pleas forgive me,I have missed you in my life so much,I
feel so empty without you,you have always filled my heart with lots
of joy and happiness,pleas come back to whom, you use to be,i
beg you. Khadijah frowned her face on reading the third note.
He gave her the forth note and it read;
Pleas look at me. But she didn’t looked at him.
He gave her the fifth note and it read;
Pleas smile at me,but she didn’t.
Khalid became so worry,but he never gave up.
He handed the sixth note to her and it read;
You look more beautiful than before,you use to be part of me, but,
now i feel as if half of my body has been removed. Still no reaction
from khadijah.
She stood up to go back to her room. Their is one more note,said
Khalid,I dont need it she said and walked out on him.
He went to her,opened her hand and put it in hand,she walked out
on him and went to her room when she got their she opened the
seventh note and it read…
“Not yet edited”
What could the content of the seventh note be. Will its content
make Khadijah forgive khalid? Keep following the story to find out.
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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