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(part 12)
She opened the seventh note,it read;
I am sorry,I know i made a mistake,I have no right to stand before
you but you are the light of my heart and my home,you are one of
the reasons i pray to see the next day,you are the only woman who
can truly understand my heart. Khadijah,I have wronged you,pleas
forgive me,I beg you for the sake of Allah(s w t) to forgive me. I
want you back,I want my khadijah back,I want the woman who
made me feel like a king back. Khadijah held the note in her
hand,she sat on her bed and she was in tears. For a while she
thought of not forgiving Khalid but she remembered that, those
who forgive for the sake of Allah(s w t) will always find the mercies
of Allah(s w t).
She began to remember when she and Khalid first got married,she
remembered how he made her special,she remembered how he
filled her heart with happiness.
She made up her mind to forgive him. She went to his room but he
was not there,she checked the living room and he was not
there,where could he be?she asked herself. She kept on searching
for him but couldn’t find him. She thought of returning back to her
room on her way there,she heard him sobbing by the side of her
room. Khalid!she called. What is wrong she asked?why are you in
tears?she asked. Because I was wrong,because I have hurt
you,because i can’t bear to see you in pain,I am sorry khadi!pleas
forgive me,he pleaded in tears,pleas forgive me,he said. I forgive
you Khalid,stop crying,she said in tears also,i am sorry for causing
you pain too,pleas stop crying,she pleaded. He hugged her tightly
and he said to her,I love you khadi,pleas dont ever leave me,he
added. They spent the night in the arms of each other.
When it was morning.
Khadi got up very early and made breakfast for Khalid. When he
woke up,he was happy,his lost happiness has been found. After
breakfast,he asked her to come sit,he pecked her on her fore head
and he placed his hand on her stomach. I am so sorry khadi,pleas
forgive me,its ok,she said.
Khalid is still sad,he wants to make it up to khadijah,so he excused
himself and he went…
“Not yet edited”.
The pain some of our loved ones put us through is so painful that
we find it hard to forgive them. We should not forgive those who
hurt us for their sake because if we do,we won’t forget the pain
they made us pass through,we should forgive those who hurt us
for the sake of Allah(s w t) that way we can find peace and
happiness in our heart.
Finale to come your way soon inn shaa Allah.


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