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(part 1)
You are the woman of my dreams,i love you so much,the thought
of seeing you talking with another man drives me nut,Khalid said
to his wife khadijah.
(Khadijah and Khalid are newly weds,they love each other a
lot,they care and adore each other,nothing comes first in their life
but the fear of Allah(s w t). But,Khalid is a jealous husband).
You are the man of my dreams,i love you so much,i dont know if i
have the right to be jealous when i see you with another
woman,because,i know you are entitled to more than one wife,said
You dont have to worry, because,as of now,I have no intention of
taking in a new wife,said Khalid. My love,i will be visiting my
parents house tomorrow and from there i will be heading to the
market,said khadijah. Hmm!the thought of visiting your parent is
ok,but the thought of going to the market “I dont like that” said
Khalid. What’s in that,what’s there not to like?asked khadijah. As
soon as you step out of this house,I will get jealous,I dont like
having the thought of another man looking at you,replied Khalid.
But!I won’t apply make up on my face,said khadijah. Even at that!
replied Khalid. But!i have a solution to your request,if you must go
to the market from your parent’s home,you must wear”Niqob”,said
Khalid. Hmm!that’s ok,I will wear Niqob,replied khadijah.
And again, you must talk softly, I dont want any man hearing your
voice, Khalid added. That’s ok my husband, anything that will suit
your heart, am willing to do it,said khadijah. Thank you my love,
may Allah(s w t),bless you added Khalid.
“Khadijah at her parent’s house”
She greeted her parents and they had a nice conversation with her.
After the conversation with her parents,she excused herself to her
sister’s room.
Khadijah!how is khalid? Zahara asked. He is fine, she replied. I
hope your love with him is blooming as usual? asked zahra. Yes it
is,but i am beginning to get scared of Khalid, he is extremely
jealous, said khadijah.
It’s natural for a man to be jealous,said zahra. I know that, but that
of Khalid is scary,I am scared that one day,if i do something he
doesn’t like,he would do something nasty,said khadijah.
Don’t worry about that too much and beside when ever you get
worried you should pray or read the Qur’an,zahra advised.
Thanks sis!i know you always have the right words for me, said
I should be on my way now, make sure you come visit me, said
khadijah. I will,if Allah(s w t)wills it,said zahra.
Send my regard to Khalid and tell him he should avoid being
jealous,his wife loves him a lot,she added.
“Both ladies laughed at the statement of zahra”.
“she said salam to her parents before leaving”.
“She went to the market,bought the necessary items and went back
“At the house of Khalid”
How are your parents,I hope they weren’t upset with my absent?
asked Khalid. No they weren’t,they understood you had to go to
your office,replied khadijah. I thank Allah for that,said Khalid.
Is the food ready,he asked. Not really,she replied. It will take some
minutes for it to be ready and its time for salatul”Isha’i”,she added.
Yes it is,but its raining outside,I think I will pray at home and I
think we should pray together,said Khalid.
She looked at him with a charming smile and she said to him “I
must say Alhamdulillah for this rain,its being a while we prayed ”
farillah salat together”,since you are always going to the
mosque,said khadijah.
Its your lucky day i guess,he said to her.
(They prayed and after salat,they had dinner).
“After dinner”
”They sat together to watch one of their favorite programme and
they episode of that day centered on the jealousy of a man
towards him wife”…….
“Not yet edited”
With the beauty of love in the heart of Khalid and Khadijah for each
other, what will Khalid’s mistake be, keep following the story to
find out.
More to come your way “inn shaa Allah”.

Written by Aisha Baba.


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