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(part 3)
The first note read
*** if there would be a next life,I still want you in my life***
She smiled when she read it.
He handed the second note to her and it read
***There are lots of women in this world but you and my mother
are the best***
She smiled after reading it.
He handed the third to her.
It read;
***I thought courtship is sweet,when we started courting,but
marriage is sweeter,because everyday of my life,i do everything i
dream of having with you,and we both earn rewards for that***
She looked at him and smiled shyly.
He gave her the fourth note;
And it read;
***look at me and smile at me, she looked at him and she smiled
at him and she continued with the note,your smile breaks every
bone in me,it weaken my body,it touches my heart,it makes me
want to hold you every second.
Happiness rushed into her heart after reading it.
He handed the fifth note to her;
And it read;
***women are gift and i got the best one,to me you will always
remain the best***
She gave him the most charming smile ever.
He gave her the sixth note and it read;
I know you are still working on your voice while reading the
Qur’an,but,to me your voice will always remain the best,pleas
recite a surah from the Holy Qur’an to my hearing. She cleared her
throat and she read “suratul najam” to his hearing. After reading he
gave her a peek on her fore head,may Allah(s w t) increase you in
knowledge,he prayed(Ameen)they both said.
She was waiting for the next note and he said to her,its remaining
just a note,and,I will give it to you to night. Ok!am anxious to know
what the seventh note holds,she said.
Patience my love,he said to her.
Habee nah! Jazakallahukhairan for this beautiful gift,I love it so
much,I don’t even have the words to express how i feel today,she
If you don’t have the words,you can use an action,he said to her
with a smile.
You can’t be serious,she said to him. But i am serious,he said.
“She went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for herself and her
While she was in the kitchen cooking,he came behind her and he
wrapped his hand around her and he said;what can i do in the
kitchen for you?
Nothing my love!the kitchen is for me and not for you.
But i want to help,he said.
I don’t think,you are here to help pleas tell me what you want.
Baby,I can’t sit in the sitting room without you and neither can i
sleep without you on the bed,pleas let me help you in the
kitchen,he uttered.
Hmm!she sighed softly,what can i do,even if I push you out you
would still return so i better save myself the stress and
strength,But, you must not disturb me,she said.
Ok,i won’t disturb you,he said.
He sat down staring at her.
” Few minutes later”
He was feeling sleepy,so, he stood up and he went towards her.
Baby pleas do me a favor,i don’t want to disturb you,I want to help
but you are refusing it,pleas come hold my hand to sleep,at least
let me feel your hands on mine before taking a nap while you cook.
Alright love! Let’s go to the bedroom,they went and he lied
down,she held his hand and she pat his back,gently! Gently!!
Gently!!! and he quietly fell asleep,khalid! always acting like a
kid,she uttered.
“Night came and she was happy,she was eager to know what his
seventh note holds”
After salatul isha’i,he came home straight from the masjid. And he
went straight to their bedroom. I hope you have prayed?he asked.
Yes i have,she replied. Pleas the seventh note,she added.
Hmm!he sighed softly. Here its and it read…….
“Not yet edited”
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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