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(part 6).
A month later…
Khadijah was still not pregnant,she became so worried and all she
does is cry. Khalid became scared. What would he do if khadijah
falls sick over her worries,he does everything he can to cheer her
up. This woman is the apple of his eyes,he can’t do with her by his
side. She has always been there for him,when he is sick,she takes
care of him like a baby,she cooks and spoon feed him,she is the
best woman in his life. He can’t do without her,he needs her,he
wish he knows what he can do to take away her worries.
Few weeks later…
Khadijah became sick due to her worries.
Khadijah! Khalid called. You see what you have done to
yourself,your worries have brought this illness upon you,pleas
khadi!stop your worries,I am not complaining because i know its
not your fault for not been pregnant,I have told you that several
times.How else do i need to explain it to you,Said khalid.
Am sorry Khalid,I just can’t stop worrying,said khadijah.
What can i do to stop your worries?he asked.
I am willing to do anything to see you smile,he added.
Are you sure?she asked. Yes!I am sure,he replied. There is
something you can do for me,she said. And what could that be?he
I want you to marry a second wife,she said.
I know you promise not to get me a rival,you kept your
promise,but,its my request to you,she said.
Khadi…your request is a demanding one,why would i get a second
wife?he asked. Because we need a child in our lives,if your second
wife gives birth to a child,we can both consider the child our
child,she said.
He was quiet for some minutes then he sighed softly and he said;I
will think about it. Pleas! their is nothing you should think
about,pleas just marry a second wife….khadijah pleaded. Ok!he
said. I will do as you ask.
She thanked him.
Khalid got married to a second wife,her name was khairat.”she
was fair and beautiful”.
Few months after the wedding of Khalid and khairat. khairat
became pregnant. Joy and happiness was filled in the house of
khalid. Due to khairat’s pregnancy,khadijah didn’t allow her to do
any work,she treated khairat like a baby.
On a Saturday morning…
“Not yet edited”.
What has the arrival of khairat got to do with the mistake of
Keep following the story to find out.
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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