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(part 8)
He roared at her”do you want to kill him?he asked. Am sorry
Khalid,it was a mistake,uttered khadijah. You are sorry! What if he
was injured,will you still be sorry?he asked. This time around
khadijah was in tear and she knelt before him and she said;am so
sorry Khalid,pleas forgive me,she pleaded in tears. But,he didn’t
look at her,he just carried Mahmud and walked out on her.
Towards the evening hours,she went to his room,she pleaded with
him but he refused her pleads. She left his room in tears.
Does she want to kill my wards for me,when she doesn’t even
have any one for me,i think i should avoid her for some days,said
Khalid to himself.
Khadijah was in her room,she was crying. Khalid is the love of her
heart,she loves him so much,he is the King of her heart,but,her
childlessness is drifting him away from her. She cried a lot that
The next day,Khalid started avoiding her. He doesn’t even respond
to her greetings. But the love she has for kamal and Mahmud
didn’t change. They were kids,they knew she loves them,so,they
always went to her and their mother never stopped them because
she knows the love khadijah has for her wards is pure and
genuine. But each time Khalid was at home,she couldn’t go near
Khalid’s heartless character continued for weeks,months.
She loves her husband a lot,so,she decided to confront him.
Khalid! My love,the king of my heart,the one whose words are like
honey to me,pleas tell me what is my wrong,why have you been
avoiding me?asked khadijah. Why won’t i avoid you,you dont have
any child for me,but you are trying to take away the ones i have,he
Khalid,have you forgotten your words,children are from Allah(s w
t) but,today you are throwing it at me,oh Khalid! How could you,I
also pray to have children for you,but Allah(s w t)has not ordained
it yet,pleas Khalid,dont do this to me,dont use my childlessness to
put a scar in my heart,I love you,pleas Khalid,khadijah pleaded.
Khadijah,am tired could we pleas talk tomorrow,uttered khalid and
he backed her on his bed.
His statement left a big scar in her heart,she was so hurt,when did
Khalid become so heartless,she cried herself to sleep.
At night she got up,prayed to Allah(s w t) to bless her with a child
not because of Khalid,but because,her child will cover the scar
Khalid has left in her heart.
Few weeks later.
Khadijah was sick,very sick. For days she didn’t come out,Khalid
didn’t even bordered to check on her,she called her sister to come
take her to the hospital…
“Not yet edited”
Could Khalid be so heartless to the woman he loves so much. Keep
reading to find out what happens next.
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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