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(Part 9).
Why did you call me?where is Khalid?asked Zahra. He had some
work to do,khadijah lied. Should i call him?aksed zahra.
No…no…don’t,he must be busy,said khadijah.
I will take you to the hospital,said zahra. Thank you so much
sister,said khadijah.
*At the hospital*
Khadijah was admitted because she was so weak. Doctor
Suleiman did lots of test on her because she was too weak. when
the test results were ready. The doctor said;Khadijah how can you
be so careless,you almost lost your child. Khadijah who was so
weak and surprised. Doctor,what do you mean?she asked. Don’t
you know you are three months pregnant. How can this be,I didn’t
feel any signs nor symptoms,said khadijah. That’s because for the
past few months now,your system have been going through lots of
stress,dont you feel like throwing up and finding it difficult to do
so,dont you crave for a particular type of food?asked doctor
Suleiman. Yes i felt all that,replied khadijah. That’s because you
are pregnant. Khadijah was in tears,she was weak on her
admitted bed but she got up and did sujudduh shukran to Allah(s
w t) for such a gift.
The doctor and zahra didn’t understand why khadijah was in tears
over such a good news. The doctor advised khadijah to take care
of her health and her baby. Khadijah accepted the advice of the
doctor. After the doctor had left.
Khadijah is everything ok? Are you and Khalid ok?You look so
happy and sad at the same time,why is that?asked zahra.
Hmm…she sighed softly,I am just so happy,because my child is
the best gift i have ever received,said khadijah. I have a request to
ask,can you pleas help me tell father and mother that i will like to
come spend sometime with them,i miss them a lot,khadijah added.
What could be wrong with her,she is hiding something from me,
but its OK,its her marital life,said Zahra.
Zahra took khadija home,she gave her parents the good news and
Allah(s w t)was with her. Her parents said she should stay with
them until she delivers since this is her first child. She pleaded
with her parents not to call her husband since he is so busy and
they agreed to her request.
That same day when Khalid got home,he didn’t notice khadijah
was gone until after a week.
Where is khadijah?he asked khairat. I dont know,she replied. You
dont know,what do you mean you dont know?asked Khalid. I dont
know is what i mean,replied khairat.
Khalid called khadijah’s phone but she wasn’t picking. Then he
was border,he prayed to Allah(s w t) to keep her safe. He started
remembering how he treated her,his bad behaviours towards her.
He remembered how he treated her and he began to cry,I must
have left a scar in her heart,she must have felt bad.
Where do i find her,how can i replace the scar in her heart with a
with my love,if only i could find her.
I have betrayed the heart of a woman who loved me,I have caused
her the worst pain a husband can cause his wife,i feel so sad.
There was time she didn’t sleep because i was sick,there was a
time she burnt herself when she was trying to make me another
meal since I didn’t like the first one,there was a time khadijah
made my pain hers . I miss her so much. Where could she be? In
the process of his thinking his phone rang…
“Not your edited”
Has Khalid realised his mistake. Who could be calling him.keep
reading to find out.
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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