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Why do we always differentiate between secular schools and Madrasah? 
*We send our kids to school as early as age 1+ YET @3years we think they are too young for Madrasah. 
*We send them to the most expensive schools YET we cant afford to pay little for mudaris (Arabic teacher) monthly payment or even prefer to send them to our local mosque for free Madrasah,  just as if the mudaris(Arabic teacher) does not have a family or needs.*
We always get a part time teacher if they have problems at school YET we blame the mudaris or mudarisa for a child forgetting what has been taught.
*We enrol them in summer classes YET we don’t care if madrasah is embedded with summer.*
*We encourage our kids to practice what they are learning at school YET its difficult for them to practice Islam at home, some will even say: remove your hijab, you are not in your madrasah, you will use it when you get there.*
*We go an extra mile to make sure our kids have done their homework YET we don’t even ask what they studied in Madrasah or where the books are kept.*
*We scold our kids when they don’t attend school YET a month or two of missing Madrasah is nothing.*
*We promise our kids gifts if they get a good position at school YET we can’t even promise anything for Madrasah (Arabic school)*
*We tell the whole world how our children have*

*performed at school YET we can’t even tell our friends when our child has finished Juzzu Ammah. (One part in Quran)*
*Some parents will say: they suppose to be reading Quran now, its 3 or 6months already, just as if the child passed all his/her grade exams in 3 or 6months that promotes them to lower secondary.*
*Kids while young, they grow up knowing how less important Madrassah is in their life. They can’t even equate it to the secular school and it’s all because we as parents show them its less important.*
*Let’s show our children that Madrassah (Arabic school) is as equally important as the secular school.*
*Muslim schools are now giving the best more than what you can imagine.Change your mindset!….if you do not have good schools in your area, then encourage people to start one or you start yourself, let us all stop shifting blames.*


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