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Malaysia hosts little Preacher competition 


KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian education provider has organized the country’s first young preacher competition, challenging young pupils in Qur’an memorization and theatrical performance.

“The objective of Daie’ Cilik (Little Preacher) is to spread knowledge beyond reading and revising in class,” the program honorary adviser Abu Hasan Din Al-Hafiz told The Star.

“It encourages children to learn through delivering stories and speeches, as well as gives them the confidence to speak in public. This aligns with the Smart Tadris vision to work towards a smart Muslim generation,” Abu Hasan said.

In the competition, inspired by Smart Reader Kids Islamic, groups of three pupils from a center form a team to memorize and recite a surah from the Qur’an on stage.

The recitation is followed by a theatrical performance to depict the moral learned from the Qur’anic chapter.

The completion, staged earlier in December, saw the participation of 14 teams who gathered in the finale at Kompleks PKNS in Shah Alam.

The “Little Mumtaz” group from Smart Reader Kids Taman Murni Perdana emerged the champion of Daie’ Cilik 2017.

First runner-up was Shoutul Falah from Smart Reader Kids Larkin Jaya while Ihtisyam from Smart Reader Kids Pulai Perdana took home the second runner-up prize.

“The Smart Tadris curriculum involves the study of the Quran.

“The pupils practiced and memorized their performances well and we are so proud of them,” said the franchisee of winning center, Smart Reader Kids Taman Murni Perdana, Shaheida Seliman.


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