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Mohammed Morsi’s wife writes


President Mohamed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmoud, writes: ⁣

“Dr. Mohammad Morsi, the legitimate President of the Republic of Egypt died as a martyr by Allah’s permission. In his cell, he died victorious, standing, dignified and rejecting oppression. ⁣

He died helping his nation, despite many having worked against him.⁣

He died proclaiming the truth, in advance, not in retreat, having unsheathed the sword of truth for 6 successive years without boredom, fatigue, capitulation or surrender. So Allah took him to Himself, removing him from an era of weakness, betrayal and hypocrisy. ⁣

Allah raised him so that he can join those of similar circumstance: Yahya (AS), Isa (AS); the Companions of the Ditch and Habeeb al-Najjar (Ya Sin). Allah raised him to the greatest companionship, and to His highest Paradise (Firdous) after delivering his message and dispensing his duty. ⁣

Just wait, victors of the traitor, unending darkness will prevail over you and severe punishment will come onto you. You will become a lesson, for those who take heed for the many generations to come. ⁣

To Paradise, O martyr. What a profitable transaction, O martyr.”⁣


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