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MY MATE (Episode 1)


When a man sings that London bridge is falling down, my fair lady. This is supposed to be a love song right? Or a nursery rhyme where kids hold hands and make an arch with their arms while the others pass through in a single file, But when London bridge actually falls down isn’t that a chaos?

The rate at which my sweetheart has been having late night calls these days is really suspicious, if it is only late night calls, I wouldn’t really be bothered but mid night calls was inclusive, he would excuse himself and go to the living room yet his whispering would still sound like an unwanted alarm ring in my ears.

The way he jealously guide his phone nowadays too is so annoying. Isn’t this the same phone I used to take at will, sign him out and log in to my social media accounts whenever I have no data. I was at liberty to take his phone anytime to do whatever before but now the story has changed. My own Alabi now uses password on his phone and when I asked him, his reasons were not plausible but I allowed the sleeping dog lie, yet I couldn’t stop having this engulfing fear of the unknown.

The previous day his phone rang while he was in the bathroom, I ignored at first but when the caller persisted, I picked and heard a lady’s voice. My heart almost jumped out of my chest and was really banging, I lost my voice immediately and couldn’t reply the caller who kept saying Hello. My husband rushed out of the bathroom and snatched the phone from me leaving a scratch on my hand. “Don’t you ever pick my calls” He retorted and went out of the room to receive his call. I stood there with mouth agape wondering what wrong I’ve committed.

I noticed blood from the scratch and reached for a cotton wool to clean it, He came back into the room and saw me holding my hand. He asked what was wrong, I opened my mouth to talk but instead of talking I burst out crying. He tried to pacify me but my tears kept flowing, at last I got a grip of myself and told him he gave me a scratch when he snatched his phone from me. He apologized but I don’t know why I was still cold to him. I had to adopt your mind your business strategy if that’s what will bring peace.

There has been rumour swirling in the neighborhood. Mrs Adisa had learnt about her hubby taking a second wife on the actual day of the Nikkah. I was supposed to attend the Nikkah with hubby but because I was still angry with him for what he did the other day, I cancelled the event from my to- do -list .Eventually the Nikkah turned out to be a drama. Mrs Adisa was really furious that her husband has betrayed the trust she had in him and blinded by her fury, she organized some boys and they stormed the venue where cooking was being done. The whole cooking activity was disrupted with the rice, meats, fish, semo and Amala all poured into a nearby canal. “Let’s see how the Nikkah will hold without food” She said panting heavily and returned home.

The Nikkah did hold and of course without food. It was too late to organize another cooking, those who attended for love witnessed the solemnization and went away. Those who attended to feed their tummy went home grumbling and disappointed. The Event was really the talk of the town with different opinions concerning the brouhaha. Some were all for the first wives head while others blamed the husband for being the architect of his own misfortune, is it not fair enough to inform the first wife of the arrival of the second?.

The London bridge has finally fallen apart and who’s going to pick the pieces. My husband who was one of the witness to the Nikkah, came back hissing and cursing, since we’ve been on mind your business lane since the previous day so I wasn’t interested in whatever is making him hiss, hum and curse. He must have expected me to ask him what the problem was from the way he was stealing a look at me. I ignored and continued with my business.

When he couldn’t hold it any longer he called out my name and asked me to imagine what happened at the wedding he attended. I ignored him yet again and this time he came facing me and kept on lamenting. It got to a point I had to snap at him.

“I haven’t seen how all this is my business” I snapped

“Didn’t you hear what I said? The first wife poured all the food in the canal, what type of a woman does that? ” He lamented once again

“And so what! Did you go there because of food or are you hungry?” I asked Indifferently.

“Anike! It seems you don’t get me, this is not about me being hungry or not, I mean how can a woman, a Muslim woman for that matter do such disgusting thing”

“Ehn Ehn, that Muslim woman has water flowing in her veins abi? ”

“SubhanAllah! Anike! Don’t tell me you see nothing wrong in what she’s done coz I can’t understand your submission”

“Let me ask you a question?” I said

“I’m all ears”

“Did the husband informed her of the thaaniyah before today, I mean was she aware that her husband is getting married for the second time? ”

“I won’t lie to you, she wasn’t informed and that’s because she’s too temperamental. My friend probably preempted this kind of behaviour and that’s why she wasn’t informed, he decided to tell her after the whole Nikkah thing has ended….

“And you people think that’s the best to curtail a temperamental person from unleashing her terror right? You’ve probably washed faeces with urine and it appears you can’t handle the result”

“Anike! Why are you talking like this?

“And how am I talking? You people think we’re Angel or what, we also have blood running in our veins, I bet the situation wouldn’t have gotten out of hand had it been she was informed. She didn’t even do anything, at least it was only the food that was ruined the Nikkah still hold. If I was the one I will do worse, I’ll show the man that a woman’s power shouldn’t be underrated. I will make sure the Nikkah doesn’t hold and I’ll teach the man a lesson he wouldn’t forget in a jiffy ”

“What Anike! I’m right here in front of you” My husband exclaimed.

“Of course I can see you, the only thing that can avert the aforementioned wahala is that I’m duly informed and also taking along as events unfold if not I’ll strike!!! ”

“He He, Yoruba is very right o, When a woman stays long in her marriage, she definitely becomes a terror abi na witch ”

“Yinmu ”

“One must start talking now to avoid unprecedented occurrence. By the way Anike, there’s something I need to tell you ”

“What? I asked and quickly jumped out of the chair.


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