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MY MATE (Episode four)


The sky grumbled persistently. I looked out of the window and saw a thick blackened sky. It’s obviously going to rain this morning, I thought aloud. I secretly wished for it not to rain because today I’m going to meet the one who would be my co-wife. I couldn’t wait to finally meet her as I was already dying of anxiety.
I couldn’t wait to see how she looks like especially. My heart was running a continuous marathon inside of me. I was still in my thoughts when the thick blackened clouds were dragged down by the heavy rain. It was a heavy downpour which poured with a roar. I was a bit disappointed that the rain would stop our date but I quickly shake it off knowing fully well that rain is a blessing from AR-RAHMAN. I took the time out to pray for myself and my family. The first prayer that came to my mind was about my proposed co-wife, I couldn’t stop putting it in my prayers. I prayed Allah should make it a successful adventure for us all and make it a palatable experience. I remembered the trying to conceive mums, may Allah grant their desires soonest and put smiles on their faces. I prayed for muslims all over the globe, especially the muslim countries experiencing unrest and disorder. May Allah save them from tyrants and the enemies of Islam.
The rain kept pouring non stopped, My husband entered the bedroom from the library where he had been since day break. I asked him if we would still be able to make our date with this non stopped heavy rain and he answered in the affirmative, since we’re going in a car, there shouldn’t be any problem. He therefore asked me to get dressed so that we can leave immediately the rain stops.
We have a deal to meet at my mother in law’s place, that would also afford mum in law to meet her second daughter in law. My husband would drop me first at mother in law’s place and later go pick her at her place. The heavy rain eventually stopped but it was still drizzling. We set out and by the time we got to grandma’s place it was already 12pm. Hubby didn’t wait at all as he left immediately to go pick Raheemah, yes that’s her name RAHEEMAH. As soon as hubby left Grandma dragged me into her room to accuse me of stupidity.
“It’s only a stupid person that would give his night food to a cat” Grandma started in parables.
“I don’t understand you ma” I replied ignorantly.
“Then you’re a baby, if not you should understand me perfectly without using all my mouth. All my life I’ve always feared polygamy. It is something I never wished for my enemy not to talk of my own son. The experience that left a hole in an old man’s eye if experienced by the young will completely cause him his eye. I have lived in this world long enough to know that co-wifes never wished themselves well, that is why Yoruba call it ‘orogun oro’ku’. What cordial relationship exists between a cat and a tiger. I expected you to have opposed it vehemently with all your might. This is dangerous o, I don’t want a happy home to turn sour that’s why I’m saying all these o. Hmmmmmmmmmm” Mama finished with a sigh.
“Now I understand you ma……………….”
“Then let’s join force to make this impossible, let’s oppose it with one voice. I am his mother and you’re his wife, we are two formidable force in his life, if the two of us decides to wage war against his decision, I’m sure he’ll back off. I trust him, his carpenter will not try removing a nail with his teeth” Mama said assuringly.
“Mummy, I will never conspire against my husband, especially when he’s not acting according to his self desires. Polygamy is a commandment from Allah and whether you and I like it or not, there’s nothing we can do about it. Instead of joining force to ruin his plan, why don’t you let us join force to pray for him. There’s something called prayer warrior, let’s become prayer warrior for this man so that what he’s about to do would be a success in this life and the next. Mama please pray for us, it’s your pleasure we need and not your anger” I said with pleading eyes.
“Anike! You this girl don’t know anything, it’s very much easier said than done. Tell me just a single person who has delved into polygamy and doesn’t have a bitter tale to tell, I’m proposing to assist you, you’re playing a negative card. Okay o, I back off before you people name me a witch” Mama said and I burst into laughter, the way she said ‘Name me a witch’ made me laughed out, so Mama o ti e le. ‘She wanted to push me into free and remove shock from my leg’. I’m smarter and wiser than that o. We later discussed at length which I made her see reasons why we should support and not wage a war.
I looked at the wall clock and the time was 2pm. I wonder what was keeping hubby, it’s been two hours now since he left and my anxiety only grew by each second that passed. I tried calling him but his line wasn’t reachable, the rain must have had a toll on the network. Just as I decided to take a nap and calm my nerves, my husband walked into Grandma’s living room with a strange woman, my heart did another round of somersault. I took a grip on myself and welcomed them
“Oh you’re here, I didn’t hear the sound of the car” I said wryly
“Yes, I was unable to bring the car into the street, the water had covered the whole place, I packed the car at the next street and we walked down here” He explained and said the tesleem afterwards. His guest also said the tesleem and we embraced each other. On hearing his son’s voice grandma also came out of her room to welcome them. She hugged our guest tightly and started eulogizing her.
“Welcome my dear, you’re most welcome. Anike! Can’t you see that our wife is beautiful, oh fine woman. She even has a beautiful smile with dimples in both cheeks. She’s even quiet and as gentle as a dove. She’s well mannered and her smile is soul warming. You’re welcome my dear, you shall have twins and triplet for me. I will hold your children with this hand of mine and back them with this my back. You shall know no sorrow in my son’s house and you shall have no cause to regret marrying us” Grandma went on and on which made me wonder if this is the same woman who asked me to join forces with her some minutes ago. Thank God I used my head, no matter what happens, mothers can never trade their son’s happiness for anything. I just kept thanking Allah that I didn’t fall victim of Grandma’s proposed conspiracy, who knows if it was all a test to know my stance about his son taking another wife. Thank God I didn’t allow them use my head to break coconut.
After a round table meal, Grandma sent her maid on errand so I deemed it fit to do the dishes. I was at it in the kitchen when I heard a voice behind me.
“Thanks for accepting me” Raheemah said almost whispering.
“I did nothing to be thanked for” I replied with a wave of the hand.
“You did something great my dear sister, if you didn’t accept me I would probably not be here today, we would still be doing a hide and seek love” She said collecting the dishes I was washing which I left for her, she now washed while I rinsed.
“Meeting you is liking you, I’ve heard so many things about you which made me eager to see you” Raheemah said
“I hope what you heard are good things?” I asked with a smile.
“Absolutely! Your husband wouldn’t stop saying how much of a good woman you are. Anike this, Anike that, which made me wonder if I’ll ever have a place in his heart” She said jokingly but in between her joke I could see a worried heart. I turned to face her and held her hands in mine.
“You see my dear, you already have a place in his heart, if not he wouldn’t propose marrying you in the first place” I said discarding her worry.
“Thank you so much, I heard you’re good and you didn’t disappoint me at all. You see I lost my husband to a ghastly motor accident” She began her story with teary eyes and my heart couldn’t help but bleed for her, her story also moved me to tears and I don’t know who would console the other between us.


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