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MY MATE (Episode three)


I couldn’t sleep a wink that night, the sleep just wouldn’t come no matter how much I tried. I looked at my husband beside me and he was fast asleep, the person who caused my sleeplessness is fast asleep and here I am with eyes wild open like a watch dog.
Many thoughts crossed my mind, the thought of sharing a man I’ve had to myself for the past 8 years. The thought of a total stranger also calling my husband her husband and the fear of what tomorrow will hold when this stranger finally comes into our household.
Suddenly like a flash, a thought ran through my head. I suddenly remembered a sad tale I heard some time ago. It was the story of a man who took in a second wife without knowing her HIV status, sadly the couple were infected with HIV by the new wife and what follows was stories of woes and tears. It is very important for me to protect myself and my husband and the only way to do that is ensuring the woman coming is cleaned from any form of diseases, HIV and Hepatitis inclusive to avoid a life time filled agony.
I lifted my hand to wake him but stopped on a second thought, we could discuss this in the morning, I thought to myself. I tried to force some sleep but my mind was greatly disturbed. I couldn’t wait for morning to come but it appears it wouldn’t come anytime soon. At exactly half past four, I got out of bed to say my Qiyyamu-lail. I cried and prayed to Allah to please do the best for my household. If the woman coming would be a source of peace and tranquility, Allah should make it possible but if She’s going to disrupt the joy and existing peace in my home, Allah should send her far away from my family. I sobbed quietly in my Sujud, telling Allah that I wouldn’t prevent my husband from fulfilling his commandment but He should make it possible for him to be just and upright in his dealings.
The following morning, my husband noticed my bulgy and tired eyes. He asked if I’ve been crying but I replied in the negative. He pressed further by telling me he knew me well that I should tell him what the problem was. That was when I told him of my worry which caused me sleepless night. I asked him if he knew everything about his intending bride and I got a rude shock. He told me she was a widow with two kids, her husband died a year ago and he met her through a friend. I was dumbfounded for a while but I couldn’t stop admiring his courage and large heart amidst my worry.
“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I heaved a prolonged sigh.
“You don’t have anything to worry about, when you meet her, you’ll definitely like her, she’s a good person” Ahmad said.
“I’ve you done all the necessary test?” I asked bluntly
“Like?” He asked back
“Please don’t ask me, you should know better.”
“I don’t know the test you’re talking about and that’s why I’m asking.” He replied in bewilderment
“Okay, since you don’t know I’ll let you know, I’m talking about necessary test like HIV, Hepatitis and the likes. This is someone who has been married before, I don’t know if she has some form of sexually transmitted diseases. You don’t expect me to share my husband with someone I don’t know her status do you?” I said and my hubby was quiet, apparently he hasn’t given it a thought or maybe he thinks they are not necessary. I continued when my hubby remained silent.
“See my dear, HIV or any other communicable disease doesn’t show for face, we have to ensure she’s free from all these disease to avoid a sad tale. Please my husband, let her go for necessary test and that’s only when I can accept to share my husband. I hope I’m not unnecessarily stubborn or asking for too much.”


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