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Episode Four

Nijeriya, Ƙasa ce mai ban sha’awa. ki na da lokaci gobe da maraice?: Ina so in gayyace ki cin abincin dare? But, kina so muyi tattaki?. -Would you accept my request, Aaaeedah? A familiar voice spoke and immediately I turned to see who it was!! -Imrān

“Menene? (What) Are you stalking on me Imrān, I thought I made it known to you in this last class that I wasn’t interested in you. – Ban gane ba? (I don’t understand) I’m not interested and I guess I sent Hadiza to give you my reply the day you came to my hostel. I still can’t fathom the reason why you won’t let go of me. What exactly is the problem?.” I replied angrily.

“Yi hakuri(Sorry), Okay, so how is your health now. I’m so sorry for not checking up on you, I have been kinda busy these days. Please don’t get annoyed with me. But I sent Hadiza to you.- Yaya kake?” He diverted my question stylishy.

“Kalau, na gode. Kai fa.? (Fine) How are you doing too. As you can see me, I’m perfectly fine. All thanks be to Allah Azzal Wal Jalal” I said feeling uncomfortable around him.

“Mai kyau, Na gode kwarai!. Alhamdulillah for that as well.” Imrān said calmly

“Ba komai!, so…Sai an jima!. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to prepare for school tomorrow, Na ji dadin zantawarmu! “. I replied feeling awkward.

“This is really unfair Aaaeedah, wallohi Me zan ce? You are treating me bad. If you don’t avoid me in class you will avoid me at the masjid. Haka ne?. From the day I talked to you, my heart knows no peace.

-Me ake kiran wannan , it’s love. Yeah love? And I have that for you. Ina da tambaya?

“What’s the question you have for me, I’m all hears” I lowered my gaze.

“Why do you hate me so much, ban sani ba? It’s only when someone hates a particular person that he or she would try to find a way to avoid the person- But why. Don’t I fit into your category of a man. I’m sorry if I have hurt you so much in any way to deserve this treatment. Please tell me your mind, Aaaeedah? And let my mind be at ease. I just want to know my fate.

Can someone tell me, is this infatuation or maybe love at first sight? Imrān is going to be my first love. Yeah I think so. I liked him also because he is brilliant, he is on Deen, he is good looking and he has been nice from the day we had met each other at the lecture room. I’m so much confused! What should I do.?

“I do not hate you, Imrān. Infact you are every girl’s dream, but I’m strictly following the path of Islam. Dating is not allowed, it’s haram Imrān. Please bear with me. I’m not doing all of this intentionally. I also love you too but it is hard expressing it from my own outer self.

“Na yarda da kai, Will you marry me then, Za ki aure ni? I mean will you be the mother of my children.

“Ba ni da aure wallohi, Kai! Yayi kyau sosai! Ina son shi sosai. I would be glad to” I replied cheerfully while tucking shylishy at my hijab.

“Really, you don’t know how happy am I to hear this from you, Aaaeedah and may Allah make you the coolness of my eyes Insha Allah”

“But seriously speaking Imrān, how did you get to know my hostel. I mean I never told you I reside in Nana Hawau. How come you knew about this all this while? Have you been following me all the way from classes. Cos it seems strange to me” I asked laughing.

“Okay prior to how I got to know your hostel, did you ever remembered you scribbled roughly your hostel name on a piece of paper the first time we got to know each other?”

“Oh, yeah, I remembered vividly. So you mean you kept the paper all this while without even telling me. Subhanallah, you’ve got to be sued you know” I chuckled.

“Sued- really. May you not sue your future Zawj Insha Allah. Let’s go to the Masjid, it’s time for solat” Imrān replied laughing as we headed to the masjid to observe the Asr prayer.

Imrān – Ina son ki,(I love you) Aaaeedah.

Aeedhah – Wallohi, Ina son ka (I love you too) Imrān Ibn Sulaiman.

(Call to Asr Prayer)

Dear reader, Ban iya hausa da kyau ba? I’m still trying Wallohi.

Please if you don’t understand the Hausa, skip it and read the English cos it still correlates.

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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