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Episode Seven

Which of my Lord’s favour can I deny?. By Allāh’s grace, I’m now happy to be called a married woman at the age of twenty-three. “Alhamdulillah”, I had thought to myself as I heaved a sigh in my new home at Lekki Phase One. The waleematul- Nikaah had been stressful and the rest of the family had retired to their home leaving me alone with the love of my life, my zawj – Imrān Ibn Sulaiman.

Soon, I would be referred to as Hajia Aaaeedah Idrees – Sulaiman. I had just changed my dress to a night wear after observing solatul Isha. The night wear was given to me by Hadiza alongside four other beautiful ones all the way from Saudi Arabia. She had bought them on her last trip to Dubai.

“Haba, this lingerie is too revealing, my flesh is showing a lot. You should have just sent me a pyjamas now.” I had told her through a telephone call.

“Sabo da me – Pyjamas? Are you not meant to look attractive to your husband. On your first night, that lingerie is what you ought to wear not some boyish pyjamas. Haba, wake up girl from your slumber.” She said feeling concerned and had queried me.

“Really, well since it’s you I am safe – gaskiya. So how is Yusuf and the kicking baby. Hope he’s not disturbing you?.” I asked her.

“Yusuf is very fine, he just travelled to London for a business meeting but he will soon be back Insha Allah and for the baby he’s kicking hard. Wallohi, I can’t wait to deliver of him kawai. He’s so troublesome just like his father” Hadiza had said.

“Kai, why would you say he’s troublesome? So what name would he be given. At least I won’t be at his aqeeqah too and I’m sad about that.- So he shall be called…….”

“Don’t be sad, my dear. Insha Allah you will finally meet him. Yusuf and I decided to give him the name “Abdullah”.” – Hajiya wants to talk to you Aaaeedah. Please hold on for her.”

“Salam Alaykum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh, ma. Barka da yamma. How is Saudi over there? Yaya kuke, Hajiya?” I greeted Hajiya.

“Walaykum Salam warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Alhamdulillah. Kalau na gode. Saudi is nice too. Gaskiya, Saudi Arabia Ƙasa ce mai ban sha’awa a’marya. I hope you’re enjoying the cool weather in Nigeria as well.” Hajiya Medinatu asked.

“Kai! Yayi kyau sosai. Wallohi, Hajiya kina da kirki. How can I pay you back for all you’ve done to me.” I replied her back.

“Sabo da me?. You are making me feel embarrassed, I’m like a mother to you. So, I think it should be my responsibility. So, come of it my dear” Hajiya Medinatu chuckled.

“Nagode sosai. May Allah reward you abundantly, ma. Na ji daɗin haɗuwa da ke.” I had thanked her.

“Amin amarya, Sai an jima!. A wuni lafiya!. Na ji dadin zantawarmu!. How happy am I speaking with you, my dear. Muna murna, Amarya” Hajiya had said calmly on the phone.

“Ba komai, hajiya. Na gode kwarai!” I replied back with a curved smile.

Now, I’m worried. Ina son mijina! Should I tell him of my predicament? What if he gets to know that I’m not a virgin. All these thoughts came from my mind, in short I knew I am indecisive. Hardly have I laid down to rest when a knock came from the door.

“Who is there. Imrān are you?….Please come in. It’s not locked” I said as the doorknob twitched and Imrān entered the room with an envelope and something like a package.

“My dear wife, how are you. I hope you are not stressed. I quickly went to get this for you” he said as he handed a package to me. “-There is cake and wine in it but if you really don’t like the wine. You can settle for the Ice cream I ordered from Coldstone. I hope you do like it, dear.” Imrān had said lowering his gaze. But why is he not looking at me? Is he shy or what. Of course we are now married and not strangers anymore.

“Oh, thanks so much. You are such a darling for this. I’m very hungry.” I had said as I collected the package from him.

“Zawjah, you look beautiful. I don’t know what to compare you with but to say the fact I’m happy you are my wife. Thanks so much for making this dream come true for me. May Allah make you the coolnes of my eyes.” Imrān had said looking into my eyes while touching my newly – plait hair.

“Amin, all thanks be to Allah for making this dreams come true. We plan and he is surely the best of all planners.” I said as I ate the cakes hungrily.

“Here with me in this envelope is a ticket for the new hotel at Ikeja – Harlington’s Suites.”

“Do you mean the newly – constructed hotel. The one that has got a multi – million plan. But isn’t it too ………..”

“I can afford it, my dear. The money is not a problem. I would do anything for us, Insha Allah”

“Oh, okay then. It’s not a problem.”

“That’s where we are going to Inshā Allāh by tomorrow morning. Get yourself prepared dear. I would come to check you up” he said as he left to sleep in the other room.

Why is Imrān shy? And, why can’t he sleep with Aaaeedah on their first night?. Drop your comments, dear readers.

Watch out for the next episode.

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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