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Episode Eight

The next day after my waleematul – Nikaah. I woke up to find my self already covered up with a blanket. I hardly make use of blanket while in school. I was surprised – definitely this is Imrān’s handiwork. I checked the time on the wall clock – 06:15 am. In a haste, I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and performed my ablution. After praying salatul subh, I entered into the bathroom to have my bathe and within some minutes I returned back to the bedroom.

Phew!! I came out of the bathroom and was surprised to meet a newly ironed – grey jilbaab with a pair of grey socks and a cool sneakers to match. I guessed it must be the handiwork of Imrān. I wore the outfit immediately not forgetting to apply Kohl to my eyelashes, and a light Mary Kay pancake – powder to my face. I brought out my box to pack some clothes and other stuffs I would need for myself.

By the time I was done, I checked myself again in the mirror and I couldn’t stop gazing on how beautiful I looked. I made to go out of the room, so I opened the knob on the door. Unfortunately, Imrān was also about to open the door. – And I fell into his arms.

We were locked in together for close to three minutes. A moment of silence. Then I felt his hands wrapped at my back. He stared into my eyeballs then planted a fav. kiss on my lips. That was our first kiss ever. I quickly withdrew my eyes from his and stepped a little back.

Then he retreated and gave another. – and this was on my cheeks.

“Hmm, I think we are getting late already. Can we get going, Imrān” I replied immediately and he let go of me.

“Yeah, let me help you with the luggages” he said as he carried them to the car already parked outside.

I kept on staring at him while he was driving. He had asked me if we should stop at a eatery to eat but I have told him we would get something at the hotel and since it’s just a two-hours journey. I was not feeling any hunger so soon.

To cut the long story short we arrived at the Harrington’s hotel and suites at exactly five minutes past 10 ‘O clock. We arranged our luggage’s in the room and placed a call to the hotel attendant who came in with a list.

“Good day, Ma and Sir. You called for our attention regarding the menu. These are the menu’s” The man in a blue costume who happened to be the attendant handed the menu list to Imrān.

“Okay, I would take fried rice and grilled chicken with just a bottle of water. That will do, how about you, dear” Imrān asked as he handed the list to me.

“I would prefer to take Amala and vegetables with goat meat. A bottle of water also” I said as I handed the list to the hostel attendant.

“-It’s not ideal eating Amala by this time of the day. This is breakfast, dear” Habeeby said.

“But that’s what I crave for right now, I really want to eat that” I replied changing my mood.

“Okay, that’s fine since it’s okay by you. You have the final say. Please place two order for Amala. I’m no longer eating rice. I will eat Amala.” Imrān told the attendant calmly.

“Please do serve it together, my husband and I will eat it together” I told the attendant smiling.

The hotel attendant smiled at us both. “May you live on and on happily together Sir/Ma. And may your marriage be a fruitful one. I am really happy for you both.” He had said.

“Amin” Imrān and I replied happily as the hotel attendant went out and in the next twenty minutes, Imrān and I was busy eating our sumptous delicacy of Amala and vegetables soup.

Right now, I have missed Hadiza, she’s missing this Amala delicacy right now. The second to the last time I had called her, she had told me she woke up in the middle of the night craving for yummy Amala and Efo riro in Saudi Arabia, and Yusuf had gone out to buy it from a Nigerian store.

She made it clear that she vomited the food, having explained to me that the Amala looks so much artificial and tasteless.

Finally, she says she missed my Amala and here I am enjoying my Amala with habeeby.

-Love in the air.

“Can you see you’ve eaten most of my fish, taking what does not belong to you is haram” Imrān chuckled. “The fish in your mouth is too big for you.”

“I love fish, and I’m going to take another if you don’t stop complaining. At least, whatever belongs to my zawj belongs to me also. I would take another to proof to you how haram it is” I laughed while staring at my husband’s smiling face.

“Really, are you kidding me”. Imrān laughed looking at me while I took a bite of the chunky fish he placed into my mouth. He took a piece of another fish and fed me with his hands. And he fed me all through till we finished the whole plate of Amala and vegetables soup.

Written by Raihanah bint Abdul-hakeem


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