Home News NGO in Kenya facilitates weddings for Needy Muslims 

NGO in Kenya facilitates weddings for Needy Muslims 


MALINDI, Kenya – Underprivileged Muslim youth in Malindi in Southwestern Kenya will now have a better chance to get married thanks to the efforts of an international Emirati charity.

“Many youths were willing to marry, some had stayed for over three years without meeting the costs of the wedding because of money matters,” Ahmed Aboud, the Chairman of Malindi Tawfiq Muslim Youth, told The Kenya Star.

“The donors facilitated the wedding expenses including meals for over 900 people,” he said.

Aboud was speaking during the ceremony held Saturday, December 9, in which 20 couples got married.

The colorful mass wedding was held at the Tahdeeb Muslim academy in Malindi, a town located on the Indian Ocean coast.

UAE AID is working in conjunction with Sharjah Charity international, Kenya Humanitarian and Charity organization Malindi Kilifi county.

The NGO work entails facilitating dowry, providing beds and household utensils, giving capital to the couple to start a new business, and organizing a mass wedding for the beneficiaries.

Along with beds and household utensils, the couples were given a capital to start a new business.

Each bride was also given a tailoring machine, while the bridegrooms were given motorbikes, plumbing, or carpentry facilities, depending on their careers.

“I am happy today to marry the love of my life, My plans were to marry her in a wedding but due to financial challenges it was difficult,” Suleiman Thoya, who married Margaret Tatu Solomon, said.

He said his aim was to marry in 2030 because he could not afford the costs of the wedding.


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