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PATIENCE (Episode 1)


It is rainy already and the time is past five. Bilal is not yet back
home. His mother, Hajiya Maimuna is worried. She is unsettled
already. “where could he be. Oh Allah, bring him home safely.” She
supplicate to her creator.
Bilal went out since afternoon for his JAMB registration and since
then, he is not yet back home. He is brilliant to the extent that his
secondary school tutors confessed that they can’t predict or
specify his limit in intelligence. His opportunity to be sponsored in
higher institution was manipulated by Allah because that is not
where his destiny lies. He went through difficulties and many are
yet to come into his life. He is left with the fate of facing the reality
of life especially now that his father is no more.
” Assalamualaikum ” Bilal said while entering home.”
Wa’alaikumsalam ” his mother answered. ” where have you been
since ” His mother questioned him. ” Sorry mum, the cafe was over
crowded due to the fact that the deadline for the registration is near
” Bilal replied in a soft manner of speech. ” Oh sorry dear. I thought
something different entirely has happened. Look at the way you
are wet. Remove your clothes so that you will eat before observing
your prayers ” His mum added. ” Ok mum ” Bilal replied…


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