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PATIENCE (Episode 10)


. Her scream woke Bilal up from his sleep. ” what happened. Why
are you like this.” Faridah question him in tears. Bilal was looking
haggard. He couldn’t utter a word to Faridah. The beating has
given him another shape of face. His handsomeness got vanished
due to the beating. Faridah started crying profusely. She sat on
Bilal’s bed, raised Bilal up and sat him on the bed in front of her
then she rest Bilal’s head to her chest. She took her phone and
called her brother, Muktar. At that moment, Muktar was with his
friend, Aisha. Meanwhile, Faridah was at their lodge applying some
available medications on Bilal. In some few minutes after the call,
Muktar drove in with his car in company with Aisha, his friend.
Immediately he saw the condition of Bilal, he was touched. He
raised Bilal up together with his sister, Faridah and they took him
inside car then zoomed off. They took Bilal to a private hospital
and he was given a proper treatment.
In the evening, around 10 o clock, Bilal insisted that he should be
discharged because of his test. Muktar objected. But when the
insistence became persistence, Bilal got discharged and the Doctor
made some prescription for them.
When they arrived at their lodge, Bilal narrated all that happened to
them. Faridah bursted into tears. Muktar got dazed. He imagined
that if he were in his (Bilal) shoes, what would have been his fate.
“Don’t worry. Allah shall put an end to all these trials” Muktar
console him. “where is your phone. I have been calling your line
but switched off” Faridah asked. ” they snatched It away from me”
Bilal replied. ” hmm. No wonder” Faridah exclaimed. ” Don’t worry.
It shall be well” Muktar said while he tapped Bilal on his shoulder.
“let me go and prepare something so that we will eat together
before you take your leave” Faridah suggested to her brother. ” No.
Don’t bother. I will go and get fast food from the road.” Muktar
replied. In some few minutes after, he arrived with the food and
they ate together. He even slept over at their (Bilal and Faridah)
Bilal woke up in the night around 2 o clock in order to read for his
test. ” at least, even though i can have 10 marks out of the 20
marks, It is something” Bilal said to himself…


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